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Choose your friend wisely!

A man follows the religion of his friend so each one should consider who he makes his friend.
– Hadith : Sunan Abi Dawud


While Long

I miss you. And I can’t just say that I miss you because you don’t want that. I know you are this fire that wants to be free and burn where you please. 371 more words



“Put your thoughts to sleep, Do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking.” ~Rumi

Oh moon not tendering the night…

166 more words

Week 9 Recap: Yahoo!

BMuz Game of the Week and Co-Blowout of the Week

Chicago 7-6ers (7-2) defeated Chappaqua GOATs (5-4)

Ace left it all on the field and was able to beat Goat 106.5 to 84.4. 536 more words


Week 8 Recap: Unfunny Recap

BMuz Game of the Week

Chappaqua GOATs (5-3) defeated New England Double Terriers (4-4)

Sulreeb must have been feeling really good about themselves before Sunday. Demarco Murray (and Derrick Henry) went off on TNF, they were able to swindle Greg Olsen away from Subzair, and the league let a loophole stand that benefited Sulreeb. 925 more words


Week 7 Recap: That's Pride

BMuz Game of the Week

New England Double Terriers (4-3) defeated Old Tappan J-E-T-S (5-2)

Sulreeb’s already formidable team got better because the rest our dumb ass league doesn’t know how to use waivers.   1,005 more words


Week 5 Recap: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

BMuz Game of the Week

Chelmsford Charawalas (3-2) defeated Dublin #McNuggets (4-1)

The Sheikhs don’t deserve a recap because they graduated from/currently attend ACC and Big 12 schools and that makes me jealous cause I went to a hockey school. 471 more words