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The Patch #2 - Breaking The Barrier Of Humans And Machines

We all know the movies where the AI takes over. iRobot, Terminator, Age of Ultron, etc.  We as humans have come to a point in our existence where the human-machine boundary has become more blurred than ever. 497 more words

Learning AI – Part 3: Genetic Algorithms - Improving the algorithms and more advanced topics


In this part and final (for the moment) on Genetic Algorithms I will introduce some new topic, operators and ways of thinking and improving on your Genetic Algorithm. 3,227 more words


Learning AI - Part 2: Genetic Algorithms Continued


OK, in the last post I wrote some basics on Genetic Algorithms and I showed an example which solved a text “puzzle”. In this post I will go a bit more in-depth into Genetic Algorithms and show you an example of a Genetic Algorithm solving a “best” possible path to different targets while avoiding obstacles. 13,257 more words


Learning AI - Part 1: Genetic Algorithms Intro


This is my first post in a series of Artificial Intelligence posts on AI learning. I got interested in the subject a few weeks ago when I started to work on some ideas for a game prototype I had in my mind. 1,856 more words


A.I. Artificial Intelligence: The Review of a Review

A.I. Artificial Intelligence was released over ten years ago, back in 2001, and was directed by Steven Spielberg, although it was initially developed by Stanley Kubrick, which plays a role into the one of the key themes of the movie. 531 more words

Ep. 20 - Like Tears in Rain: Dying in SF Film

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This is an episode about dying, so if you’re like me and get depressed by that sort of talk, do not listen to this episode. 103 more words