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How To Leverage Artificial Intelligence

I agree with the majority of this commentary except the first sentence of the
“In Conclusion” section, “AI is here to stay. In the next few years, use of visuals in digital marketing will no longer be as effective as it is today”.  885 more words


This Wednesday in Real Careers: More from My Panel Series

The Pace of Change Arising from Digital Disruption

… that’s what we’ll be looking at this Wednesday, with my international panel consisting of Sofie Koark, MistiLynn Lokken, Janice Parker, Helen Rees and Julia Schmidt. 35 more words


The three professional fields that Bill Gates recommends to students


Among Bill Gates’ recommendations to recent graduate students are professional paths to choose and relativist the importance of intelligence.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has offered a number of tips to newly graduated students.  354 more words


AI as a Blackbox - It seemed like the right thing to do...

There are a few hypes going on currently – one of them is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) hype. The good thing is, some people are at least starting to ask interesting questions. 541 more words


Jump - When AI drives your car (or spaceship)

Science Fiction series are full of memes – especially on Artificial Intelligence. This is one of them and stems from Battlestar Galactica (2004 version), showing what can happen when you wire your AI to a human-like body and let this one drive your car (or spaceship). 19 more words


Today's Digitized Workplace

You’re probably more digitized than you think

… and that’s what I’ve assembled an international panel of Real Careers alumni to discuss: the current and future states of digitization in the workplace. 98 more words


The Technology Trifecta - Blockchain, IoT, and AI.

The Convergence of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Distributed Shared Ledgers (Blockchain).

It seems trite to say, as seems to happen multiple times a day, that the latest technology revolution is really here. 488 more words