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Artificial Intelligence Law & Regulation

Laws govern the conduct of humans, and sometimes the machines that humans use, such as cars. But what happens when those cars become human-like, as in artificial intelligence that can drive cars? 1,012 more words

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Daily from Wall Street, March 21

  • Stocks Climb, With S&P 500 on Track for First Rise in Nearly a Week
  • Political developments and better sentiment on global economy push stocks in Europe and Asia to highest levels since 2015…
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How An AI Defines Customers

Recently, in the Business Insider, a story spoke about how a Japanese Advertising agency hired an AI (see above picture) to do an ad campaign ( 423 more words

Will Artificial Intelligence Change the World? You Bet it Will!

by: Colette Calapristi Casey

AI and Robots and Jobs oh my! The heat is on and Artificial Intelligence and subsequent melding of automation technologies has many people running for the hills with their hair on fire. 784 more words

AI-Artificial Intelligence

Lola: "I am the first"

Week of Lola: Is This AI?

AI topic publications in the week-of-lola-oct-25

youtube.com/watch?v=kS0RWAeyJVs – Saturday, 15 October 2016


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AI Electric Universe

AI In Our Time?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) development has reached a major milestone: a machine that’s truly capable of learning on its own.

Google (or rather ‘Alphabet’ as the parent company is now known as) uses a comprehensive model / layout different from what has been developed before in the rapidly developing field of AI, developing its own version of AI – a machine known as ‘Deep Mind’. 386 more words