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IGDA Hosting Weekly Webinars

IGDA Webinar schedule

The IGDA has begun hosting weekly webinars on Wednesday mornings (9am PST, 4pm GMT), and they’re open to everyone including non-members as long as you RSVP.   42 more words


Ai algorithms...

So, i’ve been working on developing the ai system in project garland lately, its been a bit tedious but i’ve come to the conclusion that a node based system will work best, however it needs to be a manually created system.  207 more words


All assignments submitted for semester 1

I have finally finished and submitted the final assignments for Mobile Robots and AI Programming. I can have a short break until the start of the next semester now, which is 28th January. 352 more words

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Assignment weekend

Its the weekend before Christmas so it must be assignment weekend! I’m spending all this weekend locked to the computer (and the robot) trying to get as much of the rest of the assessed material out of the way as possible before Christmas. 391 more words

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The end of the semester

It’s the end of the semester but not my work. It seems to have flown by. Last week I was at the AI 2012 conference in Cambridge so I didn’t get much work done on the course. 268 more words

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Final week of lectures for this semester

Well I think that AI Programming might well have one more actually, but Mobile Robots has now finished. I’m feeling a slight easing in the pressure now! 297 more words

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Computer Vision week

This week in Mobile Robots I have been studying about computer vision. Well only very basic vision obviously, there’s only so much you can cover in one lession and a lab. 279 more words

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