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Why do we build a new MCTS tree for each session of "thinking"?

With Monte Carlo Tree Search we discard the tree after use. Next time we need to think we create a new tree.

Why do we not simply save the current branch of the tree, discarding only those branches that were not chosen? 112 more words


Eureka: Six steps to build smart artificial intelligence by Akli Hadid

In an age where most information and communication is done and received online, several corporations have been asking how danger can be identified online. That is how to make the difference between hate-related articles or articles inciting terrorism, and those who simply make commentary on terrorism. 153 more words


Chances Are Artificial Intellience Can Already Do Your Job Better Than You Can

Andrew Ng (founding lead of the Google Brain team, former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and now overall lead of Baidu’s AI team) in… 402 more words


Google Assistant, its AI-based personal helper, rolls out to Nougat and Marshmallow handsets

Google continues its march to expand its place in the mobile ecosystem, anchored by the fact that its Android OS is by far the most ubiquitous smartphone platform in the world. 937 more words


Automaton Futures

⇒When the future forgoes all subtleties whispering its promises into our ears and decides to smash its boot into our face instead, will we be ready for such a transition? 281 more words


A neuroscientist explains: teaching morality to robots – podcast

Dr Daniel Glaser delves into the murky world of Artificial Intelligence and asks whether true intelligence can exist without an understanding of morality

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