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How far are we from A.I. like Samantha from the 2013 movie Her?


An AI that can actually understand what we’re saying (not like ALICE which just has a set of prerecorded responses), learn by itself, and develop a personality of its own. 69 more words


Will AI be able to teach us what it learns?


If/when AI gets to the point that it is learning experimentally on it’s own, will there be a way that it can teach me? … 34 more words


In a Nutshell: Ex Machina

A lottery gives the programmer Caleb the unique opportunity to spend a week with the renowned programmer and AI expert Nathan. Little does he know that it will be a week-long breathtakingly dangerous AI experiment… 226 more words


How the machines will take over


With our complete and blissful cooperation. At least that’s how I would do it, if I were them.

In recent months, several prominent champions of technology — Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Tesla founder Elon Musk among them — have declared that the greatest threat to humankind is not climate change, nuclear warfare, religious fanaticism or bacterial superbugs. 29 more words


Ex Machina

The movie has a great topic, but turns into mostly distractions and embarrassments. And the soundtrack is very monotone, and the ending makes no sense. 137 more words

Mind Design

What many people fear in AI is what they fear in existing humans — the potential to be dangerous competition, as humans have evolved to be. 274 more words