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Geek: AI Identifies Coded Hate Speech on Social Media

Geek: AI Identifies Coded Hate Speech on Social Media. “Researchers at the University of Rochester have developed an artificial intelligence system that can identify coded hate speech online.”

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No citizens were hurt in the making of this GIF. That’s because people in Riot Town don’t die in explosions, it just makes them pissed! 39 more words

Idie Game

Royal Navy conducts AI and Cyberspace exercises

This weekend, the Royal Navy will be conducting naval exercises off the coast of Scotland along with several NATO allies under Exercise Joint Warrior. The exercise will test ships and their crews in a range of scenarios that could be realistically encountered on operations across the globe including countering terrorist activity and piracy. 306 more words

Are we breaking down

A fear that is gradually taking over my mind these days, are we disintegrating? Are we breaking down as a family, society and community? Why is this fear getting more apparent? 232 more words


Template Extraction (NLP)

I am part of a group of students who will be working on developing an automated story generation system over the summer. We are currently looking into approaching this system with a template-based architecture and thus would like to look into some parsers and other open-source systems that may aid us on this venture. 70 more words