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Algorithms for Electric Vehicle Scheduling in Large-Scale Mobility-on-Demand Schemes

Publication date: Available online 18 June 2018
Source:Artificial Intelligence
Author(s): Emmanouil S. Rigas, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn, Nick Bassiliades

We study a setting where Electric Vehicles (EVs) can be hired to drive from pick-up to drop-off points in a Mobility-on-Demand (MoD) scheme. 348 more words


Mirror networks — have I cracked the brain code?


  1. Two or more randomly weighted neural networks receive the same input.

  2. If they disagree on the output, use backpropogation on the odd one[s] out until the output number is the same as the the other network[s].

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Why do you think most, or at least half of accounting work done today hasn't been automated yet?

Is it because of regulations and old thinking and not because it could be done fairly easily with today’s technology?

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IBM's Debating AI Is Here to Convince You That You're Wrong

Jokes aside, a machine that probes and questions human arguments has clear real-world applications. Lawyers could ask it to search thousands of court cases to pull out the most viable arguments, CEOs could put their theses to the test as a way to shore up a presentation to the board about company strategy, and teachers could employ it en masse to help their students develop critical thinking skills without having to have one-on-one sessions.

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City of Edmonton commits to start using smart traffic signals next year

Transportation staff with the City of Edmonton have committed to begin shifting traffic signals to new smart technology.

Members of city council’s urban planning committee were told on Tuesday that this September, council will get a report that spells out a set of test corridors. 425 more words