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CIDRs In, CIDRs Out, then AI

Big ranch outfits often do timed AI, but we’ve never done this, so quite the experiment for us.  There is a lot of time and cattle handling involved which translates, of course, to more labor costs.   839 more words


What approach(s) would be best suited for this juice recipe generator?


I recently got into making my own fruit/vegetable juice. I wanted to try my hand at a fun project to generate new recipes based on a db of existing recipes. 111 more words


Artificial Intelligence: Dawn of a New Age of Central Planning?

For centuries have academics and politicians debated the merits and demerits of central planning. Central planning (or economic planning, or planned economy) is a mechanism that directly allocate resources. 1,541 more words



Synkick is this new app that is from utrecht and is pretty awesome

Two by Two: 2048 AI Chain Building

The AI

The AI I am building for 2048 will be written in C++ and imported into the C# game. It is written in a different language for two primary reasons – firstly because using pointers and references significantly reduces the memory requirements and increases the speed of the program when searching through potentially large grids of cells, and secondly because I would personally like to get better at the language through practice. 1,234 more words