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STOP MicroSoft from getting rid of Paint in their next release

Someone at MicroSoft is off its rocker!
By Jeannette Marshall


Don’t let Microsoft kill Paint – they should educate people better on how to use it so that people will fall in love with it. 673 more words


IoT Security Faux Pas

Last week the Mirai Botnet attack on the DYN spawned thousands of articles which exposed the venerability of millions of connected devices. The Internet of Things has never faced this big a challenge before. 192 more words


The question of hyperintelligent AI's morals and where they come from

I’m working on a project that assesses the ways in which AI and advances in technology will change humanity as a whole in terms of jobs, currency, and education (and other stuff but we don’t have all day). 230 more words


AI and subjectivity

Just when through modernity, we’ve gotten used to the self, we’re loosing it into the technological media. Who’s there, in charge?

There is a new impetus to examine subjectivity, with the developments in AI (artificial intelligence) and its encroachment on so much of human activity. 85 more words

How is it possible that this is scanning my mind?

How does brain sensing technology work?

Am i endangering myself by partaking? Am i zapping electricity into my head?

As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with my previous blog posts, I’ve been delving deeper into the topic of neuroscience and what advances have been made towards them. 879 more words