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Bad news on the AIDs front

Bad news for those hoping for an AIDs cure. As you know, the active virus (HIV1) has a genome made of RNA. However, thanks to an enzyme it possesses called reverse transcriptase (which has led to Nobel prizes), it copies itself into DNA and integrates into the genome of lymphocytes. 362 more words

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The Natural Healer: Man Found Cures To All Diseases In 1988!

Dr. SebiĀ Found Cures To All Diseases In 1988 And Brought 77 Of His Patients To Supreme Court Trial As Proof!

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Elizabeth Taylor's fight for love--helping those infected by AIDS

This post is a little late,but regardless we would like to help support World Aids Day. Be sure to take a moment and check out this video about Elizabeth Taylor who risked her own life by illegally supplying AIDS drugs to patients from out of her home. 45 more words

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Teenager controls HIV infection without drugs for more than 12 years

VANCOUVER, British Colombia (KRON/CNN) — A French teenager, who was infected at birth with HIV, has shown to have controlled levels of the infection in her body without treatment for more than a decade. 118 more words