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Hey, all:

Not necessarily Cherik related, with the exception that this is a very good insight into the start of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, covering the year 1983 in which XMA is set. 132 more words


Like Magic to the Body

Last night was a magical experience, so let me try and explain why.  There was a benefit concert held at my college for Dancers Responding to Aids. 281 more words


Are there HIV/AIDS Chefs in Barbados? Are Teachers Drug Tested?

BARBADOS.   Can you work as a chef and/or a cook/baker/food handler, if you are HIV/AIDS positive in Barbados?  Can you work with children and in the medical field if you have this virus?   61 more words

Naked Departure

Testing testing ... (part 1)

A testing story …

I bet we could put a book together about people’s journeys through testing whether the end result was a negative or a positive; the arduous journey of the test itself can and in some cases is a part of the overall trauma. 553 more words

Prince diagnosed with AIDS six months before he died – Report

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Image by Northfoto via Shutterstock

Pop icon Prince allegedly died of AIDS
He was reportedly diagnosed with the condition six months prior to his sudden death last April 21… 11 more words

Vulture Tabloids Already Feasting on Prince's Death

Last night, after gathering a few items at the grocery store, I remembered hearing Prince was on the cover of People magazine.  When I reached the grocery lines, I found the People magazine on display. 188 more words


Ever hear the sound of a ticking clock and then slow it down in your mind so each movement of the second hand sounds like a pounding hammer against steel? 1,221 more words