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Keith Haring Remembered 29 Years after Death

My first time seeing a Keith Haring painting was on a t-shirt. It was purple with two little caricatures embracing drawn with bold, white lines. I did not yet know who Keith Haring was, much less that I was wearing the work of an iconic American artist who shaped much of popular art culture in the 1980s, and one of the most impactful art activists of all time. 622 more words

HIV prenatal care home in Saskatoon aims to keep mothers and babies together

It’s a full house at Sanctum 1.5 in Saskatoon.

The home in the Pleasant Hill neighbourhood offers prenatal health care and support to women who are living with, or at risk of contracting… 311 more words


A Brave Girl’s Attempt to End the HIV Epidemic

Author: Dara Yah’ya, Youth Development & Welness Manager

Just 14 days earlier she shared how nervous she was to disclose her status to her boyfriend. Now here she was back at Group sharing her success story. 472 more words


Valentine's VD a Gift That Keeps On Giving

Valentine’s and VD
HIV vaccine… I understand they have one now… go get it or learn how to squirt so you will have the ability to be self cleaning. 1,277 more words

Singapore Health Data Stolen: "...HIV data leak..."

“…The leak, which involved the data of 5,400 Singaporeans and 8,800 foreigners, has caused widespread consternation. Sumita Banerjee, executive director of NGO Action for AIDS (AFA), said people with the virus had been calling up her group in tears. 72 more words


Weaponizing Social Panic

by Michael McKay

What happens when social panics are weaponized in order to create and persecute a leper-class in our society? Nothing good, according to history. 1,648 more words

Life On The SO Registry

Collecting Tears

May our tears collect in an ocean of active compassion

“I collect all your tears.  I am the God of Love.  I am life.”  I have been releasing tears and asking a loving god to collect them since my church shared that our pastor’s credentials are again under review for once again officiating at the marriage of a gay couple.  434 more words