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CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy due to failure to diagnose and treat Traumatic Brain Injury

“But we may be able to learn that early treatment of the initial acute injury may avoid this cascade from brain injury to CTE.”

As a civilian contractor you will be denied early treatment by the defense base act insurance company.  197 more words

Civilian Contractors

Officer Down: Police, PTSD and Suicide

Left untreated, the effects of PTSD on law enforcement can be terrible. In 2012 so far, more police have died by their own hand than by gunfire. 535 more words

Civilian Contractors

Mesothelioma, Toxic Exposures, Veterans and Civilian Contractors

Mesothelioma and Veterans,  Civilian Contractors

Guest Post By Douglas Karr    August 9, 2012

Military members are exposed to plenty of risks that the average person would never have to deal with. 478 more words

Civilian Contractors

Iraq war veteran, 25, shoots himself after battle with PTSD

Once every half hour in America, a veteran tries to commit suicide according to VA figures for 2011

We’ll never know how many Civilian Contractor Suicides , how many could be prevented… 104 more words

Civilian Contractors

Civilian Contractors Death Sentence by Cancer due to KBR/AIG denial of medical

Injured War Zone Contractor Dan Hoagland shares his story of medical treatment denied by KBR/AIG, resulting in a death sentence by Cancer, with Sean Calleb. 33 more words

Civilian Contractors

Injured Afghan Translator Now Refugee faces new issues

Mushfiq was taken to Bagram Airfield and treated at the American hospital. But just as quickly as he was rushed into the hospital, his employer, wanted to rush him out to a less costly hospital. 318 more words

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