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Aika the Bunny

I made this for my gf for our 2 month anniversary.. which was yesterday lol! We just drew things for each other and… well I wanted to post mine! 20 more words


The Rain, The Time and The Work Loads

This is just another random post in between case digesting and book eating, I mean reading.

Its raining hard, wishing I could spend more time in bed than doing my home works. 257 more words


Nice Chats

It is always nice to chat with people while on SL, such as the lovely chats I have with Zili and Aika at Lochme.  If I can ever get the gag out, then I can do a bit for talking. 48 more words

SL Diary

Runa’s Diary (Day 6)

Aika the Rabbit

Saturday, 2nd Ambred of Cbro (The Beginning of winter)

Today is quite a happy one. After all the mayhem yesterday, my parents decided to let me keep the ‘ 607 more words

Runa's Diary

Character Spotlight: Aika

When I started watching Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation, I had zero expectations going in, after all it was an anime based on a video game, an MMORPG no less. 519 more words


Azone otogi no kuni - Arya's adventure

It happend that my Azone arrived last week! I had to wait until Sunday to unpack her (12th June) as she arrived at my parents house. 377 more words


Spirit Animal

So, the other day, I watched “73 questions” segment of Vogue Magazine in youtube, and apparently, Taylor Swift was being featured. One of the questions asked about her was, “what is your spirit animal?”, and then, yes. 769 more words