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Flaps on airplane wings that control movement in the air. Middle French “aleron”=little wing < Latin “ala”=wing.



We took a rest stop at Aileron. There is a large statue on the hill behind the town. Very impressive. The “Anmatjere Man” was erected in December 2005. 176 more words

Alieron - Mirage (2016) Review

While the world of retrowave often favours frantic car chases, Aileron makes a mellower trip seem infinitely more appealing.

Released 27 July 2016 through Lazerdiscs Records. 518 more words


Women in Business Q&A: Joni Fedders, President, Aileron

Joni Fedders

Joni serves as President of Aileron, a national small business training institute, headquartered just outside of Dayton, formed by billionaire Clay Mathile, the former owner of pet food maker Iams Co. 1,344 more words

Roll models

Now, I dislike greedy, counter-productive litigation as much as the next person (especially if the next person happens to be X-Plane’s Austin Meyer), and I’ve always been somewhat troubled by the Wright Brothers’ aggressive patent actions around “their invention” of the aileron. 1,104 more words

Aviation History

Fabric Covering Wing 2 of 8

With the wing turned upside down, the first length of fabric was draped over and glued on the trailing edge with a one inch glued turnover section on the topside of the wing. 367 more words

Verification of the Model Geometry: the Wing

In this post I will continue verification of my model by matching it against the photos. This time I will check the wing geometry.

In the first photo from the Pacific Aviation Museum (in my model it is marked as PAM-1) I identified several differences (Figure 31‑1): 1,315 more words