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hill feeling

When you’re as old as the hills you usually feel like hill.



Sa totoo lang
Araw-araw pinapangarap
Na hindi na magising
Maibabaon na’ng mga lihim
Mawawala na’ng sakit
Maiibsan ang pait

Baka sakali maisip nilang may halaga pala

– done, 21042018


You are my sunshine, my nemesis sunshine #MondayBlues

Dear Sun,

I’m glad you exist, but we need to talk.

I spent a week at the beach but DELIBERATELY tried to avoid you. You may have noticed that I’m a white girl. 237 more words



“I cannot go to school today ”

Said little Peggy Ann McKay

“I have the measles and the mumps

A gash a rash and purple bumps… 208 more words


Climbing stairs with blurry eyes

I think I might be melting into the shadows painted across my walls. There’s solace in silence but not so much in emptiness.

“I have to choose myself and my own happiness first. 136 more words


Diets for childhood ailments.

Being a mother we are always concerned of our child’s diet when he or she is ill but at the same time we are usually unaware of dos and dont’s under a certain kind of illness. 429 more words


Preparing for Travel.

I’m going to the Big Apple! It’s going to be my very first time to Arizona! And, I am feeling so excited! And, nervous. And, anxious and worried. 443 more words