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V is for Veins

Ever since I was diagnosed with Crohns, I have had to get regular blood tests. And although I have absolutely no problem with needles, I do have incredibly bad veins. 79 more words

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Morning Sickness - and how I got rid of it!

Everyone knows that morning sickness is not your friend…

Most women experience it at some point of their pregnancy – extreme or slight nausea, coupled with being unable to hold down any kind of tasty morsel. 279 more words

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Take the Plunge into dōTERRA’s Deep Blue (Rub)

April 21, 2015 — We had a discussion with a friend recently about dōTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub and thought it an apropos time to explore what makes Deep Blue Rub stand out among all of the other things you can rub your sore, aching body down with. 529 more words

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Breaking News: U.S. prescription drug spending soared to $374 billion in 2014

April 15, 2015 — A recent article from Fox News (here) noted that, a third of all spending on prescription medications were on specialty medicines for complex disorders, which Fox noted was “likely harbinger of even higher prescription spending in years in the future.” 541 more words

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How to Deal with Adversity by Christopher Hamilton

Life contains many adversities. Why is there adversity anyway? It is inevitable. Our world is not full of limitless resources and humans are in competition with one another. 2,888 more words


Homeopathy and Hayfever

The thought of sunshine and longer days brings a smile to most faces but for some spring and summer bring Hayfever and a truly uncomfortable time. 825 more words


Ingrown Nail Care

Ingrown nails are a condition which is common. This occurs in the corner or side of a toenail as it grows into the soft skin. The resulting pain, swelling and redness sometimes results in infection. 243 more words