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Things my beloved does: apes the outlaw

They tell men to take a long hard look at their mothers-in-law before marrying their daughters. It’s true, I am morphing into my mother. Not that my beloved minds, he worshipped my mother and she reciprocated. 651 more words


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Poetic Ailments

irritable vowel syndrome
pain in the assonance
acute enjambment
inflammation of the lower case
typographical dysfunction
fear of sonnets
grammaroids… 670 more words


Ultimate Saviour -Water

Water is the most basic utility that is available to us and we take it for granted.Don’t drink it adequately,drink while standing and other stuff. 56 more words


Knee-jerk reaction to a curious click

One of the things that defined Geoff for me when we first met – apart from his devastating good looks, razor-sharp wit and dashing demeanour (yes, yes, it was a long time ago) – was the fact his left knee emitted a loud click at every step. 578 more words

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31 medicinal uses of marijuana that nobody told you about

On a TV ad featured in New York, Burton Aldrich tells his story. “I am in extreme pain right now. Everywhere. My arms, my legs, are feeling like I’m dipped in an acid.” This man has quadriplegia, is confined to a wheelchair, and yet he has found the best treatment for his agony.  614 more words


Beating the winter sniffles with the Dynamic Duo

We are half way through winter and the low temperatures cause our immune system to be less responsive. Not too mention all the festive drinks and stress from daily live, all make us more prone to catching a cold/flu. 576 more words


Taking care of ailments that  arise during harmattan 

Illnesses that Arise During the Harmattan Season

The harmattan season is a season that brings with it certain ailments, and harsh weather condition.
It is a period cold, dry and harsh weather that also brings with dust, caring various germs. 1,999 more words