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Dummy post for test

The ailment of hypersensitivity, a symptom of the disease of political correctness, is breaking out in journalism. But the ailment is now fashionable enough to attract the interest of those with mildly upset feelings. 16 more words


What One Thing Ailments and Body Pain Tell You

Some time in life they start increasing, and they mean only one thing–workout. God placed this mechanisms in our bodies–ailments and body pains–in time when our bodies begin to decline in health. 393 more words


In The Air Tonight

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.

I understand the pain Phil Collins felt when he wrote those lyrics as once again, same time every month, here it is back again to disrupt my life; the two weeks before the big nothing that happens each month.

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Your Mind Yells, "Stress", but Your Body Yells, "Help More Serious!"

Here are four ailments that you can easily confuse with stress. This article can hopefully shed some light on how important it is for people not to self diagnose on Web MD, Google and instead visit a doctor.  279 more words


Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune and chronic inflammatory disease where the immune system attacks violently its own tissues in the bowel. Symptoms of this illness can be mild or very severe. 874 more words



My stomach pushed up to my mouth.
There are no words.

Ousting the ones who stride with no respect to others
I move away,
escape through little openings and fissures… 13 more words

Yeast Infections 

Chronic yeast infections are usually caused by hormonal imbalance and it is the one important place to correct if no other treatments help. However, diet is another major contribution to yeast infections. 926 more words