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Keeping Big Pharma At Bay

The one thing you can be sure of is that the powers-that-be in big pharma are feverishly working to extract the compounds that make cannabis work so well to ease your migraines, or alleviate your pain so that they can put it in pill form and sell it! 199 more words


How Wrigley Chewed Its Way To Gum Greatness

Quick! Name a gum manufacturer. Chances are you chose Wrigley, a gum behemoth that’s been around since the 1890s. But how did the company go from baking powder purveyor to the world’s largest gum manufacturer? 20 more words


Diabetes May Augment Liver Ailment Risks

It is common knowledge that people suffering from diabetes are also vulnerable to loss of vision as well as kidney failure. While this has been known for ages, the latest study suggests that things may be even worse for people enduring diabetes. 2,019 more words


... on... getting old DOESN'T suck....

Mortal.  It’s what we are.  Even our super heroes  with their super powers are mortal.  All things get old and die.  But we have somehow deluded ourselves into denying our mortality by thinking if we make the right plans, if we eat right and exercise our mortality will not be of an issue.   548 more words


The Ailment

The ailments of something unknown broke the body.

In an instant everything hazy down to the very last sacred moment.

Wonders of regret and inconsistent pleasures of momentary love. 89 more words


How stress affects the body

According to the national Institute of mental health, 75 to 90% of all doctor visits in the US are stress related ailments and complaints. Sometimes major life events, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, financial problems, the birth or loss of a child, can combine with genetic or biological pre-dispositions to prompt I stress related health crisis. 184 more words

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