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Not Your Average Medicine Chest

All my life I’ve gathered essential oils for everyday use. Over the years, I developed a habit of carrying them with me in a pouch in case I needed them. 313 more words


Episode 188: My Friends, The Google Family!

Today i have decided to pay homage to the great all-knowing, all sing and dancing ‘Google!’ Where would we be without it? How many times do you hear someone say “just Google it” when you have made yourself look a prat by not knowing something obvious? 468 more words


Alzheimer's Disease

Consume Plenty of
– Leafy green vegetables, orange juice, liver, cooked beans and lentils, corn, asparagus, peas, nuts, breads and cereals with added folate
– Lean meat, fish, poultry or dairy products for Vitamin B12… 1,022 more words



Usually allergies begin in infancy or young children and usually disappear by the time they are in school. (allergic reactions to nuts and seafood however may stay throughout a lifetime). 485 more words



No, Genevieve does not have the Measles, knock on wood, but she is the reason it is so important for everyone to get vaccinated; to protect those under 12 months, immunosuppressed, or have a severe allergy to the vaccine. 148 more words


3pm Coffee

I have never been a consistent coffee drinker. Do not get me wrong, I definitely delight in a latte when the opportunity presents itself, and will even go out of my way to snag a Dirty Girl Chai Latte at the… 357 more words