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I found 'Wayan' for my "Eat Pray Love" traditional Balinese Healing Body Reading

I have to admit that “Eat Pray Love” is my favourite book/movie and I am sure a lot of travellers out there would agree with me here. 1,675 more words


How 90 Percent of Ailments Can be Remedied by Drinking Water: Find Out What Ailments

Folks come to me for free health advices. I’m not a medical doctor but I love reading about alternative medicine and am, in fact, a certified wellness consultant (certified by a top medical scientist in Manila). 867 more words


Did you hear about Water?

Have you ever lost your train of thought at work?

Have you ever heard your bones touch, like really heard the sound of your bones touching & rubbing each other? 306 more words

What on EARTH is a Dis-ease/Dis-order?

When it comes to the body disease/disorder is a particular abnormal condition of a structure or function in a human, animal or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury. 342 more words

My Mouthful 

The way I envisaged my Graft Versus Host Disease to materialise is, surprise, surprise, not the way it has actually presented itself. I imagined and hoped for weight loss inducing bowel movements and feared organ failure. 632 more words


Snot Nose

We have all had runny noses around here, and my treatment of choice for the common cold? Lemon and Honey Tea. Something about the caffeine in the tea helping to vasoconstrict and bronchodilate, the citrus and vitamin C in the Lemon cutting through mucus and Honey helping to coat and sooth. 88 more words


Healthy Habits Every Youth Must Adopt Before Turning 20

Age is not just a number really! With age, your body starts functioning differently and your immune system starts getting weaker naturally. One of the major reasons for this to happen earlier than expected is because of the unhealthy lifestyle habits that we succumb to in this hectic and zippy life. 584 more words