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Our Dirty Minds…
“Humans need sleep; everybody knows that without it, we get cranky, a bit loopy, and then we die. Unfortunately, science has been a little iffy about it; though we understood the negative effects associated with lack of sleep, no one really knew why those things happened. 254 more words

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The Tongue and Chinese Medicine

Ever wondered what your Chinese Medicine Practitioner is looking for when asking you to stick out your tongue?   Here’s a great diagram that shows just that. 284 more words

Energetic Medicine

Guilty pleasures: When is it wise to switch off your screen?

Text neck, Candy Crush thumb, iPad hand – the list of screen-related ailments is growing. Add in claims the internet is rewiring our brains, and the 4 or 5 hours a day we spend poking at phones and tablets starts to look like a health risk. 286 more words

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Essential Oils and Ailments

Hello, Healthy!

It’s another beautiful Monday! Let’s talk about being healthy!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but Summer for me means beautiful weather, long days, bugs, and allergies and sickness. 536 more words


In Sickness and in Health. 

People have always caught colds, measles, flu, have broken bones, grown old and had babies. So how were the 50s and 60s different?

When I was a child, you stayed in bed when you were unwell. 348 more words

1st stop

Rendevous: 7.15pm.  Jimmy’s Puddle.  Sadly not the glamour of Central Park. Yet. That would be a while off and lots of exercise and planning away. 973 more words

Why, Oh Why?—Don't Ask, Don't Tell

For almost three years I have observed my mother putting a quarter of a paper towel on top of the VitaMix base. There are no open parts and I have never understood why she keeps it covered. 947 more words

Aging In Place