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VAX trap

Why else would vaccines be given out for free at every Walgreens and CVS. Now they want me as an adult to get one for shingles. 160 more words

Mental Health

My Teeth!

I have some strange physical ailments. My family and I laugh about it and wonder why?? Inevitably, when the next one pops up, I get a response something along the lines of “Oh, that makes sense, because it’s you.” And, I agree. 449 more words


Vita Flex Foot Chart

Did you know that the bottom of the feet holds the solutions to many of our ailments?

This Vita Flex Foot Chart is an easy reference of all the points on the bottom and the top of the feet. 66 more words

5 Natural Remedies for Common Physical Ailments

There are natural remedies for common ailments which are no less effective than conventional meds. Being a living, breathing human being definitely has its upsides. However, it also comes with some big challenges. 26 more words

Keeping Big Pharma At Bay

The one thing you can be sure of is that the powers-that-be in big pharma are feverishly working to extract the compounds that make cannabis work so well to ease your migraines, or alleviate your pain so that they can put it in pill form and sell it! 199 more words


How Wrigley Chewed Its Way To Gum Greatness

Quick! Name a gum manufacturer. Chances are you chose Wrigley, a gum behemoth that’s been around since the 1890s. But how did the company go from baking powder purveyor to the world’s largest gum manufacturer? 20 more words