3 years, 6 months, 14 days. Attitude is everything. Know you will be successful. Go to college.

My dearest Shosh and Jaialai:

A number of your cousins on your mom’s side have kids before they are married, do not have college degrees, and have dead-end jobs that will lead to nowhere.  1,139 more words

Expect Miracles

It’s Monday, blog day. As I sit to write tonight, I really have no idea what it is going to be about. I spent the day moving furniture, which I shouldn’t be, but needed to move my bed in order to find a better way of sleeping. 650 more words

Discover Your Creative Self

I like to agree with friends that reminds me that I am an inspirational preacher, yet one who believe that we expect too much of teachers. 576 more words

Your Goal In Life

Slimming World Update

Yesterday’s weigh in got me back on track….I lost 1 1/2lb which means so far I have a total of 8 1/2lb.

I am so chuffed with myself for getting me back on track. 90 more words

Slimming World

We are the Lord’s and He is…ours?

Many people in this Brexit climate forget that we are the Lord’s is ours!

Many people of so-called “foreign origin” are reporting experiences of insult, of hate crimes, xenophobia since the referendum and Brexit won. 499 more words

Your Goal In Life

An affirmation exercise

I get anxiety when it comes to applying for things, and that anxiety stems from imposter syndrome. I won’t go into the explanation of imposter syndrome here, but the first paragraph of that article essentially explains what it is. 1,293 more words


Aim High Champion

Recently, Stanford’s John W. Gardner Center released a study about the efficacy of a summer program called Aim High. The study sought to examine how the student  2,836 more words