Death Knell For Niacin For Lipids Sounded by FDA?

The skeptical cardiologist stopped writing new prescriptions for niacin extended release tablets in 2011. For any patient who was taking niacin, I recommended stopping it. 484 more words


It's Nearly Here

The delay is nearly over, the book will soon be complete. I have been held up by health issues, which has been very frustrating for me, but I hope to have the paperback edition of Hopes, Dreams and Medals, volume 2, ready for publication within the next month – six weeks, followed shortly by the ebook. 88 more words

What is your high potential for life?

Some people make being successful seem easy; however everything I am doing and have done in my life has been hard work. I had some ups, and some downs along the way, hard work. 39 more words



What are we hinting at? A present day secret ‘police’ (enter substitute name here)  force styled regime which is instead of being fundamentally fueled or led by governmental powers, is fueled with pure hate and cruel intent AIMED HIGH at burning the system alive and establishing a real life HELL-ON-EARTH scenario. 76 more words

Will I Be My Valentine?

Disclaimer: My oh-so-clever title is a bit deceptive. While technically, my handsome hubby was my actual Valentine this year, as per the usual, deployment *shakes fist dramatically at the sky* got in the way once again. 339 more words
Aim High

Aiming For The Stars

Aiming for the stars is a good thing to do, right? Even if you fall short, you’ve gone pretty far. Or so the saying goes.   312 more words


Prof Mohd Sapuan - First Malaysian engineer on US SAE Fellow

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest products Biocomposite Technology Laboratory head, Professor Ir Dr Mohd Sapuan Salit created history when he became the first Malaysian engineer to have been elected as Fellow of the United States’ Society of Automotive Engineers International (SAE), recently. 136 more words