Travel Light

Where do you want to go in life? My desire is to go far, running with endurance and stamina. With this in mind, I must consider the preparation, the cost, the attitudes, the destination and travel companions that will either impede, impact, or impair my travel. 513 more words


Hello January

Well Christmas and New year Flew by didn’t it just? As most of you probably know from my Social Media Sites I was lucky enough to have got engaged! 157 more words

One Word Answer

Happy New Year. I hope every reader has a good start to 2017. Although, it really doesn’t feel like we should be on a new year already. 381 more words

The Best of You - Happy New Year!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to all “The Best of You” followers!

The best of you in the new year will need you to embrace all that you desired to see in 2017. 41 more words


How to Lead to the Brim

When I was nineteen, I was on a missions trip to Venezuela for one month. Through a series of unfortunate events (also known as the sovereignty of God), I was enlisted as the interpreter and translator for about three weeks of our trip. 916 more words


Goals for 2017...bring it on!

So i was at home the other day watching my favourite you tubers talking about setting goals. It got me thinking. I haven’t set any goals for the new year! 933 more words

Health And Fitness


For a long time now I have answered the age old question ‘how do you define success?’ with one word; happiness. Recently however I have reflected on this and found that happiness is not the right word. 834 more words