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Urinary tract infections and bladder health

Over the past few weeks I have read posts on various groups of several people suffering from UTI’s and bladder infections. At the same time I have been amazed at the testimonies I’ve been reading of the success that individuals have been having with AIM’s… 878 more words


Notes on Aim, pt. 2

One of the more personally puzzling themes I’ve found while studying the Fourth Way approach to Initiation is the contrast between being and doing. Many practitioners of the Fourth Way speak of the paramount importance of “being in the eternal moment of now” (paraphrasing). 378 more words

What Do I Choose?

Hi everyone, hope you are doing great! So this year is my last at high school, 2018 senior yaaaay!! I think that at this point everyone have a specific expectation on what field he/ she would choose when moving to university. 269 more words


Wheels Of Fortune

Wheels of fortune
like sour grapes, apple
tumbling my spirits.
Spirits of fire, unflinching
A ball of reveries, undiscovered.
Musty halcyon, a penumbra of elixir. 71 more words


2nd Year of Uni...

Many students are heading to University in the next couple of weeks, and some like me for example, have gone already. I am now starting my second year which is the year that all of my grades start to count. 320 more words

Leaving on a Jet Plane

‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ is a song by the legendary sing John Denver. In this all-time classic, which was released back in the 1960’s and featured in the movie ‘Armageddon’, John talks about how he’s about to leave on a new journey and how he has to leave his older life behind him. 562 more words


Friends long, not lost.

Dear Richard, Aileen, Andrew, Dara,

I am standing on the beach at NB where we walked together as Andrew was a baby in the womb and Dara was not yet known about, and I am listening to the waves and thinking of you. Xxxx