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What started as a small scratch, a break in the skin, turned into a blood infection which turned into a rare flesh-eating bacteria, which resulted in the amputation of both feet and right hand of Cindy Martinez. 448 more words


Weekend Planning: Paws For Aimee 5K Run and Music Festival

You remember Aimee Copeland, she is the person who contracted a near fatal case of a rare, flesh-eating bacteria after cutting her leg on a rock in the Tallapoosa River.   433 more words

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Aimee Copeland's Journey of Inspiration & Recovery

Aimee Copeland had lost both of  her arms, leg and foot from an infection related to a flesh eating bacteria .  After recovering Aimee went zip lining for the first time after getting bionic arms that help her eat, drive, do her own hair and much more. 129 more words

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Robotics and Optimism

by Jonathan Strickland (courtesy fwthinking)

I’m the first to admit that I’m snarky, sarcastic and goofy. But I’m also honestly optimistic about the future. Much of that is because I’ve seen some great stories come out of what was first a tragic set of circumstances. 145 more words


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Robotics interface are now able to be connected with our brain. This is here a very good sample of these new natural user interface that will be used in the near future by everybody.

Check the video below:

Video: A year after losing her hands and feet to a flesh-eating bacteria, Aimee Copeland is adjusting to life as the first woman to receive state-of-the-art prosthetic hands. She talks about how she’s coping with her losses and her hopes for the future. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

Aimee Copeland Receives Bionic Hands

New York, May 20 (News-Light.com) – Last year, as Aimee Copeland battled back from a flesh-eating infection, she became a national story. The infection affected various parts of her body like left leg, right foot and both hands. 11 more words

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor Uses Bionic Hands

By Michael Martinez, CNN

(CNN) — Flesh-eating bacteria amputee Aimee Copeland now uses the latest technology in prosthetic hands to chop vegetables, pick up tiny items like Skittles, and comb and iron press her hair. 382 more words


An 1862 Easter

Happy Easter.  Thoughts and hopes of restoration are hard to resist when learning about our kindred ancestors who’ve moved on, especially the many who suffered and died in war.   671 more words