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I started watching this show called  “star-crossed” which is about an alien boy falling in love with a human girl,essentially like Romeo and Juliet with alien segregation. 52 more words


Friday Night Lights, Season 5

Done. Finally done. Texas Pennsylvania Football forever.

Watching this show after such a long break inbetween seasons really made me question the depths of my cynicism. 880 more words


Best TV/Movie Coach's Daughters

A coach’s daughter, in any movie, becomes the sweetheart that is loved (or wanted) by all, and is completely, and literally, untouchable. Every coach takes care of their team. 529 more words


Friday Night Lights - Season One, Episode Sixteen

“Black Eyes and Broken Hearts”

In this episode everything is intense and this show is just getting better and better. Matt tries to make things up to Julie, Julie’s friendship with Tyra continues to bother Tami, and Smash…and that game…just wow. 460 more words


Friday Night Lights - Season One, Episode Fifteen


Oh god, how is a show about a football team so consistently not even remotely about football? It’s like my dream come true. I don’t even know where to begin with this episode, we have Julie and Eric being damn adorable, we have Jason not fitting in when he returns to school…and then we have Coach Mac, and Smash. 507 more words


Friday Night Lights - Season One, Episode Ten

“It’s Different For Girls”

In this episode my love for Lyla knows no bounds, as does my love for the Taylors and basically this episode just fills me with so many feels. 592 more words