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All Around the Town

I had a little Bike Fiving to do after work today.  I needed to go by my favorite bike shop to return a pair of crimps they accidentally gave me when they swapped out the brakes on my road bike.   427 more words

Bike Five

A Confidence Ramble

I spent the last hour and a half of work today internally seething with self-doubt, fear and anger.

This inner turmoil episode has happened to me before. 727 more words

Head Thoughts


I am stuck on a road with many different paths forked in front of me. Some bear signs; blinking neon letters, dreary old-fashioned fonts, and others just dirt roads, stretching a million miles out. 240 more words


AIMLESS - Or is it?

Life is never aimless.

In fact it is the direct opposite.

No step is ever useless.

Intention is a pre-requisite.

Nobody walks around aimlessly.

There is always a reason. 84 more words

Shitty Haiku.

Today I wrote shitty Haiku,
another 5,7,5 – of home brew
another gaggle of lines,
strung within the confines,
another glimpse at how poorly I do. 85 more words

Americana Injustica

futility and frustration

I’m so tired of having dreams that will never come true.

I’m not sure if this is a part of growing up, but throughout the course of these two years in university I keep hearing this term “managing expectations” and as much as I’d like to believe that my craziest dreams will come true one day, it seems more and more unlikely and I have to manage expectations by having smaller dreams. 553 more words


Will To Meaning - Part I

This is going to be a quick post. I’ve been reading a book called The Will To Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl. This book has resonated so strongly with my mission to find out what it’s all about that I want to re-read it before getting into too much detail. 355 more words