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I saw you;
in the smile of your lips –
the depression in the cheeks,
that spark, my heart.

The intoxication of eyes –
quenching the thirst of my soul, 67 more words


The one in which I discuss falling off my life's path

For the past three months, I have been completely, utterly, absolutely and entirely unmotivated to do pretty much anything. And it all started when I dropped out of university, which is so frustrating. 510 more words

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Slight touch // Call.



There was nothing as chronically inevitable as this in her life; parting away from this city, roads, trees, the early morning breeze and the cotton candy knitted evening orange skies – it was strong, the sorrow. 195 more words



A sweetened touch,
Those glaring eyes,
That beaming smile,
A radiant vibe
and the reason to hold on;
All her belongings were gone,
with the whispering of an adieu –
to a single person.


Defeating the Purpose: In Defense of Aimlessness

To show the madness
of purpose is the only
purpose of madness.


With the loss of God, man has lost... -Vaclav Havel

Take your time and think about these very profound words from Vaclav Havel:

“I believe that with the loss of God, man has lost a kind of absolute and universal system of coordinates, to which he could always relate anything, chiefly himself. 110 more words


#92 The wrong train.



She loved abstract things. Broken cups, ashes, splashing paints, dusted canvases, silent rains, crispy leaves, empty corridors, diaries and him. Her easel always supported the sketches of that intimacy, her brushes quietly drawing the face – perfect margins, nice features, and it would come into existence – apparently talking in her imagery like a raindrop on a lead or a snowflake on a window. 229 more words