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Barbados oh Barbados!!


Barbados needs to be cleansed of all this violence now it’s really gone too far. It hurts me deeply to turn on the news and hoping to hear good things but NO….it’s always negativity I see…WHAT has become of my Little COUNTRY? 320 more words

Ainsley Carter

I Love You .. by Ainsley Carter™

If no one has told you yet,

I will okay…


From the first time,

I laid my eyes upon you

I was captivated, … 145 more words

Ainsley Carter

Bajan Soca Music by Ainsley Carter™

I like the way you move

your body

to the sweet soca music

as the melodious tones

hits you.

Your hips rock

from side to side… 155 more words

Ainsley Carter

My World completed by Ainsley Carter

My World completed by Ainsley Carter

Thinking about you

Seems like all that I now do

Since you stepped into my life

You have brought with you… 129 more words

Ainsley Carter