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Fox & Friend-ly Fire?

Of all the odd statements, verbal tics, word salads, and tweets coming from Il Douché, the ones that strike my ear most clangorously are the ones like this: 420 more words

Getting a Gun

“I am going to buy a gun,” my husband said and I didn’t respond, just gave him the unapproving look only females can come up with. 348 more words

Writing And Prompts

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Getting a Gun

Image result for old gun “I am going to buy a gun,” my husband said and I didn’t respond, just gave him the unapproving look only females can come up with. “I am not kidding,” he said and continued to watch TV. (Goodness, do I have to pull every word out of him.) “We have 250 pounds of dogs in the house, we don’t need a gun.” I finally replied and looked proudly at our dogs. “Besides that, I have a baseball bat in my workroom,” I added and looked at him more confident that I felt. “I don’t care,” he informed me. “I am going to get a gun.” (Great…fight on.) “We don’t like guns, just in case you don’t remember,” I managed to say as calmly as possible and he interrupted me right away. “I changed my mind, now we need one.” (Heavens give me strength I thought to myself.) “I can’t sleep, every morning he wakes me up, that’s it, I am going to shoot him.” (???????) “The bird; the one you complained about last year,” he reminded me. (Ahhhhh, smiling inside -not showing it) “By the way, it doesn’t live in the tree as you said it would. It sits in front of my window EVERY MORNING.” (Giggling inside, I know exactly what he is talking about.) “Nah, he lives in the tree in front of my window,” I insist, just because I believe that to be true. (We go to bed together, but sleep in separate bedrooms, due to my husbands snoring.) “He is loud isn’t he?” I asked, not that I needed an answer. I myself had fantasized about buying a slingshot and night goggles. “I wonder what kind of bird it is?” I asked my better half. “It’s the dead kind,” my husband replied and I busted laughing.
One day I am going to write a book and my husband and I will end up being the major characters in a soap opera. I love this time of the year. It’s nice and warm during the day and cooler in the night. The windows are open and I enjoy the fresh, crisp air until Mr. Bird starts singing at 4:00 am and keeps me awake. I had to laugh about our gun conversation! Image result for birds chirping at night

You Never Know What You'll Find While Sipping Coffee in a Bookstore

Yesterday, I saw a large display of the new book by Ainsley Earhardt, Take Heart, My Child: a Mother’s Dream. The author will be at our local Barnes & Noble on March 25, 2017, hence the huge display. 47 more words

Children's Books

Ainsley Outed!

I swear I was NOT watching Fox & Friends this morning purposely. I didn’t even realize it was on one of the televisions in the workout room in the hotel where I was staying. 223 more words


Children's Book Review For The Holidays or What Not To Send The Kids Of A Woke Mom With Good Taste

My kids received by mail a couple of books for Christmas. One book was by Bill O’Reilly called, Give Please A Chance and the other was by Ainsley Earhardt called, … 487 more words

Book Report