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THROUGH YOUR EYES by Ainsley Earhardt Ji-Hyuk Kim

Through Your Eyes: My Child’s Gift to Me by Ainsley Earhardt, Ji-Hyuk Kim, No. 1 bestselling book of New York Times Best Sellers. A mother learns life lessons from her daughter. 1,248 more words

New York Times Best Sellers

FOX News Host Says That Las Vegas Shootings May Have Been Due To A Religious War

With 58 dead and over 500 wounded, the recent shooting in Las Vegas is being coined as the deadliest in modern history. As family and friends of victims continue to be consoled, authorities and media outlets continue to speculate on why this tragedy occurred. 271 more words


Ainsley Puts Haters Of The U.S. On Full Blast With A Simple Yet Powerful Question

Published by ClashDaily.com | on September 13, 2017

URL of the original posting site: http://clashdaily.com/2017/09/ainsley-puts-haters-u-s-full-blast-simple-yet-powerful-question/?

And it certainly is an excellent question. One that deserves an answer, really… 300 more words


Fox & Friend-ly Fire?

Of all the odd statements, verbal tics, word salads, and tweets coming from Il Douché, the ones that strike my ear most clangorously are the ones like this: 420 more words

Getting a Gun

“I am going to buy a gun,” my husband said and I didn’t respond, just gave him the unapproving look only females can come up with. 348 more words

Writing And Prompts

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Getting a Gun

Image result for old gun “I am going to buy a gun,” my husband said and I didn’t respond, just gave him the unapproving look only females can come up with. “I am not kidding,” he said and continued to watch TV. (Goodness, do I have to pull every word out of him.) “We have 250 pounds of dogs in the house, we don’t need a gun.” I finally replied and looked proudly at our dogs. “Besides that, I have a baseball bat in my workroom,” I added and looked at him more confident that I felt. “I don’t care,” he informed me. “I am going to get a gun.” (Great…fight on.) “We don’t like guns, just in case you don’t remember,” I managed to say as calmly as possible and he interrupted me right away. “I changed my mind, now we need one.” (Heavens give me strength I thought to myself.) “I can’t sleep, every morning he wakes me up, that’s it, I am going to shoot him.” (???????) “The bird; the one you complained about last year,” he reminded me. (Ahhhhh, smiling inside -not showing it) “By the way, it doesn’t live in the tree as you said it would. It sits in front of my window EVERY MORNING.” (Giggling inside, I know exactly what he is talking about.) “Nah, he lives in the tree in front of my window,” I insist, just because I believe that to be true. (We go to bed together, but sleep in separate bedrooms, due to my husbands snoring.) “He is loud isn’t he?” I asked, not that I needed an answer. I myself had fantasized about buying a slingshot and night goggles. “I wonder what kind of bird it is?” I asked my better half. “It’s the dead kind,” my husband replied and I busted laughing.
One day I am going to write a book and my husband and I will end up being the major characters in a soap opera. I love this time of the year. It’s nice and warm during the day and cooler in the night. The windows are open and I enjoy the fresh, crisp air until Mr. Bird starts singing at 4:00 am and keeps me awake. I had to laugh about our gun conversation! Image result for birds chirping at night