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Fox News Went To Spring Break In Florida And Of Course They Were Shocked And Horrified

Fox News once again traveled to Panama Beach, Fla.¬†for spring break to “expose the realities” of the booze and drug-fueled debauchery to be found there because “BREAKING: College kids still act like idiots on spring break!” What exactly did they find? 102 more words


Special Report: College Kids 'Party' on Spring Break (Video)

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – College students across the country have flocked to beach towns for the annual rite of passage known as “spring break.”

Another way to put it is ‘pour copious amounts of booze into their skulls until they pass out where they stand,’ which seems to be the tone beautifully articulated in a recent special report by Ainsley Earhardt for Fox News, brought to my attention by drunk college chick connoisseur, Matt Valdez. 791 more words

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Schadenfreude, Baby!

As soon as the big baby Sparty doesn’t get his way, he starts calling other women “bimbos.” But if anyone dares to criticize the object of his sicko obsession? 69 more words