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Calm before the Storm

For the past 6 weeks or so, I’ve been in rehearsal for the next show I’m working with at Gorilla Tango. I’ve also been working my full time at 2 jobs. 766 more words

The Cotton Club, Ibiza

Our last day on the island, we decided to try a new place that had been getting some buzz. With this view.

We headed to the Cotton Club, a cliff-side restaurant overlooking the beach, painted all in white. 296 more words

Instant Gratification

Berbere-Harissa Turkey Joes with Harissa Aioli

At around 11:30 this morning, I had a student approach me to beg for an extension on an already-late assignment. I was eating my hastily-assembled lunch at the time, and as he came up to my desk he had the privilege to watch me unceremoniously slurp dressing-soaked spinach from the open end of a piece of foil. 726 more words


Jambalaya Pizza (you're welcome)

Sup PTM guests,

In this post I will divulge the secrets to the spicy, savory, lovely thing that is Jambalaya Pizza. This month (July) we chose as a group to host a pizza bake off at Pie Club (I had Pie Master Alex Cole on my team, who is an artisan in all types of pie; pizza included). 994 more words


Balancing Act: Get to Know Harry's New Daily Entrée Specials

Harry’s Pizzeria fans, gather round!  Chef de cuisine Daniel Ramirez has three new Daily Entrée setups to share effective TODAY!  Besides our favorite Harry’s snacks, salads, and pizzas, these wholesome plates have shone bright in their own section of the menu since they were introduced a few summers ago for dinner.   416 more words

On The Menu Now

Bizarre Foods Monday: Rattlecakes

I had wanted to make something with rattlesnake last week but there were no rattlesnakes to be had last Monday. On Tuesday, we caught one! 353 more words


Russian Dressing

Russian and Thousand Island Dressings are often confused. The are both close in color, and are both mayonnaise based. Russian however has a spicier kick to it as the Thousand Island is sweeter. 263 more words