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AIP Day 15, drank last night

Welp, drank last night.

Had 4 angry orchards.

What happened is: I ate too much THC oil, got really high, and decided alcohol would calm me down. 345 more words


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Week 1 / May 15-21, 2017

RANKINGS (From First to Worst):

The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

Although I’ve now seen this Vincent Price camp classic–sure, classic–in theaters* three times, I tend to forget a fair amount of the details. 330 more words


AIP Reintroductions & More

I went to a wedding yesterday and was a little worried about the food since I’ve been feeling pretty awesome since starting AIP, and I’m not eager to have any setbacks. 635 more words

Autoimmune Protocol | Day 9 / Saturday

I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much of a change within 9 days. I mean, most people say it takes 30-90. With 30 being the early side. 846 more words


Paleo Meal Inspo #3

Carnitas, green salsa, avocado, fresh cilantro

Nitrite/nitrate-free ham, sauteed collard greens, balsamic/garlic-braised Brussels sprouts/beets with pine nuts

Balsamic/garlic-braised Brussels sprouts/beets with pine nuts and shrimp


Autoimmune Protocol | Day 6 // Wednesday

7 AM. wake up feeling puffy, like when you have too much salt the night before. It’s probably due to taking kratom yesterday due to feeling horrible. 766 more words