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Girl Gone Paleo, Episode 3 – No More Aching Tummy (and Turkey Meatloaf Muffins)

I’m officially two full weeks into my autoimmune paleo protocol diet or about 3 ½ weeks if you count a week of transition. And I’m happy to say that my stomach and digestive system are feeling better than they have… 675 more words


Becoming a Better Me: Diet II

30 days of no grains.
30 days of no dairy.
30 days of no sweeteners or processed foods of any kind.
30 days of no caffeine. 1,752 more words

Random Thoughts

Summertime Parsley & Blood Orange Pasta (AIP)

One of the beautiful things about living a long way from the equator is the long sunny summer evenings, when there’s still hours of day after suppertime. 302 more words

Becoming a Better Me: Diet I

Ah, yes. Diet. The word just about all people love to hate.

Let’s clear up what my “diet” is and is not, shall we? First of all, my diet is NOT for me to to lose weight. 682 more words

Random Thoughts

My Broth Bowl Obsession

I know I talked soup in the last post, but this is different.

Soup is something you make a pot of.  A Broth Bowl is a spontaneous, nutritious gift that you and your leftovers whip up on the fly.  194 more words

AIP Breakfast Hacks & Recipe Ideas

I’m about 6 months into the Autoimmune Protocol diet now, and feeling so much better. It’s hard to believe just the food could make so much difference. 1,511 more words

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Meal Planning: Excuses and Blessings

When I started this journey it was emphasized how much planning and prepping would play a huge role. To be honest I have been resisting this portion of the new lifestyle. 550 more words