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Daily battle

I have an autoimmune disease. I have had it since I was 7. Or maybe I’ve had it my entire life, who knows. The symptoms began when I was 7 with a small patch of “dry skin” on the side of my face.   1,281 more words

Moroccan Chicken & Apricot Tagine (Paleo, AIP)

When people ask me what food I miss the most since following AIP they’re often surprised by my less than obvious answer. Yes of course I miss chocolate, I was after all a total sugar monster, and yes I miss patatas alioli and all that Spanish love but more than anything I miss spices. 500 more words


Paleo book sale alert!

Hey All!

Great deals on Paleo books ahead!

I’m super excited for tomorrow. Are you super excited for tomorrow? You should be. Over 15 Paleo books will be on sale for under $3. 40 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Climbing Through China - Mt Hua, Exciting High Places

By the time you’re reading this – A.I.P will have completed one of the major elements of our Trip – Climbing Mt Huashan!!

Now note – this post is done pre-emptively (cos we’re firewalled inside China), so these photos aren’t ours, but you can bet that we will come back with some EPIC pics of this place – personally, I’m intending to handstand that plank walk ;) 394 more words


Rainbow 'Rice' (AIP~)

When walking, walk. When eating, eat.

That’s a Zen Proverb.

Eating mindfully is a powerful way to approach the diet and lifestyle changes that are required on a… 336 more words

The N=1 Healing Protocol

Healing Protocols are proliferating.

There’s a dozen of them in 12 Healing Protocols: a guide.

And there’s more. Like #13: Dr Datis Kharrazian’s Autoimmune Gut Repair Diet… 972 more words

Inspiration boards: the how, what and why the heck not?

Okay, hands up, who actually has one? No? Never heard of them? Well until seven months ago I hadn’t either! In March I moved in with two flatmates and one of them had this exquisitely arranged board of everything inspirational stuck up in the kitchen. 579 more words