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I am constantly being asked if I’m feeling better–mostly by friends who seem curious if my continued sacrifice is worth it. It is usually difficult for me to answer in any certain terms. 254 more words


Baked Plantain Pancakes

My husband is determined to create an AIP pancake for me. We’ve tried a few different recipes from various AIP bloggers, but most of them call for hard to get or expensive flours (tigernut or cricket flour anyone?). 355 more words


Maple Bacon Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Another big hit at our Easter dinner was this dish.  Mapley sweet with baconey saltiness.  It was amazing.  Scott is still talking about it almost two weeks later!  545 more words



After much resistance, I will be starting the AIP diet on Monday 4/20. That stands for: Auto Immune Protocol diet. I am already gluten free and dairy free (with occasional cheating on dairy) – so I think I can tough this out. 333 more words

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Recipe! Cinnamon Sage Beef Heart Breakfast Strips (AIP)

Cinnamon Sage Beef Heart Breakfast Strips (AIP)— Kinda like bacon tossed in cinnamon and also super nutritious!

I was searching for a way to eat the beef heart defrosting in my fridge, and so dreadfully tired of the heart/ground beef/ground pork sausage patties I’d been making for the past few months. 850 more words


A Rainbow of Vegetables!

I hope you enjoy a look into what kind of vegetables we eat around here. This is, by far, no where near close to the odd things I usually keep around here…but a good look at what we eat most often. 50 more words


Crockpot Chicken (from Nom Nom Paleo)

Happy Tax Day! Ok, not something to celebrate but it is the day that our taxes are due. I waited until last night to do my taxes, not normal for me, but I had been feeling so awful that I just didn’t have the energy. 586 more words