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Pancakes! One of the best breakfast and brunch! I was craving for pancakes the other day and I couldn’t resist the thought of hot pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries. 160 more words


Fluffie 2 Fit

It all began one week ago, when my wedding ring wouldn’t fit on my finger. For 17 years that ring fit everyday. Then one day I woke up and it did not. 338 more words


Introduction to AIP

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but I’ve taken another blow to my health.  For about a year, I’ve been suffering from chronic hives.  214 more words


Bone Broth has been exploding in popularity over the past few years and with good reason, it is pretty amazing stuff! Okay Erin, you might think, you say a lot of things are “amazing for your health” but they look kinda gross or smell bad or are hard to find in my local grocery store.

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Not an Iron Maiden

I had a rough week this week, Monday and Tuesday were pretty much a write off, I could hardly get out of bed, just so tired, couldn’t concentrate or focus, my memory felt like it was empty plus I felt so depressed, I went to school both days but had to nap both days and I had to nap today.  292 more words

Health is the Ultimate Wealth

Sometimes the journey to health is a long, confusing, and winding road.

Just over 5 years ago I became really ill right after my 26th birthday party, where I admittedly had a little too much fun and awoke the next morning to what I thought was a hangover to beat all hangovers. 591 more words

Healthy Living

Cranberry Salad Smoothie

Tis the season to gather and freeze cranberries. I buy a bag every week before thanksgiving. After thanksgiving When they are sold cheap, I buy several bags each week to freeze until they are gone. 176 more words

Autoimmune Protocol