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Thanksgiving in Pilgrim Land

This is the first time I’ve not attended Thanksgiving Dinner with my family. However, we had made plans weeks before we found out that I was pregnant, to do our own thing. 904 more words


Dairy-Free Ice Cream on the AIP

Following the auto-immune protocol is challenging, but particularly when you love ice cream as much as I do! I have been enjoying commercially-made coconut milk ice cream in moderation, but I know it has a few ingredients, like guar gum, that I really should be avoiding. 385 more words


Fried Ripe Plantains

Makes 12-20 plantain rounds


1 large ripe plantain, turning black and soft.

2-3 TB coconut oil

1/2 tsp kosher salt  or grey Celtic sea salt… 136 more words


Love for Food vs Love for Self

“First we eat, then we do everything else” M.F.K. Fisher

It’s been eighteen months since I undertook the challenge of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), and I suppose one could say that the fact that I still follow an adapted version of the approach is probably a testament in itself to its benefits. 1,297 more words


Paleo Pumpkin Cheesecake with Graham Cracker Crust (AIP and Vegan option/Low Fodmap)

Dessert is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Always has been, always will be. And it’s ALWAYS my responsibility. We (as in I) were going to make paleo pecan pie since we live in New Mexico after all (if you didn’t know, they grow pecans here so it’s kind of a thing) and we’ve also never made pecan pie for Thanksgiving before. 641 more words


Jess Franco's Venus in Furs - Screen 13 Road Trip Part One

5-15-70, Chicago – This round of Jess Franco ads focuses on the psychedelic classic Venus in Furs, released by Commonwealth United and picked up by AIP, who connected with the company around April, 1970 (Boxoffice Magazine report on 4-18-70). 706 more words

My First AIP Thanksgiving Adventure

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who have recently celebrated (or who are celebrating late). I’m thankful for my health, my friends and family, and for my body and mind that allow me to creatively find work as a self-employed creative person. 1,152 more words