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7 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Split AC for Your Home

What is the best split AC to buy when the approaching summer makes you yearn for a cool home?

If you smartly compare Energy Efficiency Ratio, Cooling Capacity, Power Consumption, Star Rating of ACs along with the price before buying an AC, you can manage your electricity bills. 357 more words

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Importance of AC maintenance

Is your home air conditioner or commercial HVAC system a trouble maker? Well, we understand how crazy it can be when your air conditioner throws tantrums just when the weather is unbearably hot. 439 more words

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How mini splits is different from the traditional air-conditioners

Our globe is made up of many continents and countries which experience various seasons due to the rotation of our planet. The seasons are of four types: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. 374 more words

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Tired Ceiling Fan Reminds Homeowners They Have Air Conditioning.

Freeport, NY – Exhausted from a long sweltering day of endless spinning in the blistering summer heat, a tired ceiling fan reminded the homeowners they have air conditioning. 99 more words

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7 Fakta Penggunaan AC, No 2 Bikin Masih Banyak Yang Tidak Tahu !

Apakah Anda tipe orang yang tidak bisa tidur jika AC tidak menyala? Sekarang ini memang banyak orang yang seolah ketergantungan dengan pendingin ruangan atau AC ini. 1,111 more words


4 Reasons Regular HVAC Maintenance Is Essential

If you are wondering whether you really need to pay for an air conditioning repair technician to maintain your HVAC this summer, there are many reasons why having someone look it over before you fire it up can benefit your system’s lifespan. 469 more words

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