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Otis Boykin

1920 – 1982 Black/African American Occupation: Inventor Field: Medical and Information Technology Bio:
  • Otis Boykin was born in 1920 in Dallas, Texas.
  • In 1944, he moved on to work for the P.J.
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US - African American History

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Portable Car or Office HEPA In Development

In 1985 Pure Air Systems was founded to produce true HEPA filtration systems for the residential, commercial, institutional, medical and industrial markets. The first HEPA system, the model 600H, was 16″ x16″ x 34″ high and weighed 97 lbs. 317 more words

Air Purifiers

How to Select the Best Air Filter

Some people might be experiencing some difficulties when it comes to getting the best air filters for their homes and motor vehicles. Given that air purifiers generally lend a hand on people when they want to deal with air contamination within their building or working place and to make their motor vehicle engine execute its performance successfully. 405 more words

Air Filters

Air Filter Purchasing Guide

There are tons of detrimental effects indoor air pollution can give to people, for instance allergic reactions, asthma and other diseases concerning the respiratory system. This is where air filters come in play, it minimize the presence of outdoor and indoor allergens. 428 more words

Air Filters

The Five Steps Of Selecting The Ideal Air Filters For Your Home

Research indicates that the inside air has more pollutants than the outdoor air. When you breathe impure air for long, you will face challenges such as the allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases. 401 more words

Air Filters

Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Filter

Air filters are devices that are used for removing dust particles, microorganisms, and dirt from the air. The air filter can help to improve air quality in commercial, industrial and the medical areas. 445 more words

Air Filters