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Why is my Electric Bill so high? We can help!

Your home needs lighting, heating, cooling, water heating and other amenities to stay comfortable and cozy. All of these items consume energy, but is there a way of saving money on these? 423 more words

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Why ISO 16890 is the Future for HVAC Filters

MERV is the soon to be crazy Uncle that we will be showing the door.  It was a fun run MERV and you did some good things, but it’s time for a better test standard to be used.  622 more words

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Taking an In-Depth Look at Automotive Air Filter Manufacturers

Are you looking for an air filter manufacturer? For getting the best services, you need to take an in depth look at the list of automotive air filter manufacturers and types of filters they are providing. 228 more words

Air Filters

Trees Help Reduce Air Pollution and Your Risk of Dying

Ahh, along with other benefits of trees.   Just looking at them out my window every day helps me to calm down, meditate, contemplate,  devise plans, conceptualize my ideas, de-stress, exercise patience; speaking of exercise; one benefits more from exercising in a “green” -(hate that term as it’s been co-opted by seriously corrupt big corp. 55 more words

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Allergy Tips for Spring 2016

Allergies tend to take us by surprise, especially if we only have spring-related allergies like pollen.  Our symptoms subside over the winter and then with the first warm breezy day we start sneezing. 337 more words

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 ParkTech produces reliable, high-quality products to contribute to the building of eco-friendly and green energy industry, and it puts much effort into helping develop this industry. 150 more words


HVAC Filter Checklist

When it comes to air filters it seems the phrase “They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To” is truer today than it has ever been.  448 more words

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