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Pure Air Systems HEPA Air Filter Systems

HEPA filters have been around since the development of the Atomic bomb in New Mexico in the 1940’s. Originally designed to remove radioactive alpha particles to protect the engineers at Los Alamos, HEPA media or paper is extremely dense and has the ability to trap sub-micron sized particles at levels approaching 99.9995%. 301 more words

Air Purifiers

Use Industrial Filters for Cleaning the Air Inside Big Industrial Units

Do you know that the air in the environment is polluted and when you talk about the big manufacturing units, where the case is worse as the quality of the air there is very poor. 199 more words

Oil Filters

Cleaning 101: The Vents

Hello Readers!  Phew!  I was getting through my Fall Cleaning list a couple of weeks ago and I realized that it’s been awhile since I cleaned out my vents.  979 more words

Household Management

Dynomometer (dyno) Muffler Exhaust System Part 2

Our 55 gallon drum for the dyno muffler has been modified with a 4 inch inlet at the bottom, provisions for feet, and necessary in this drums case the top has been cut off. 519 more words