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Best temperature for your AC during summer!

You want to be comfortable this summer without spending a lot of money on air conditioning? While maintenance tasks such as changing the air conditioner filter and hiring a professional to tune up the AC unit make a difference, something as simple as the temperature setting plays a huge part in how much you pay to air condition your home. 396 more words

Air Filters

6 Telltale Signs Your AC Is Overworked

Who enjoys sweltering in the summer heat? If you want to ensure that your air conditioner continues to blow cool air in the depth of the summer months we layout 6 smart ways to tell if your AC unit is overworked. 629 more words

Air Filters

Air filters

ParkTech produces reliable, high-quality products to contribute to the building of eco-friendly and green energy industry, and it puts much effort into helping develop this industry. 149 more words


Uni Filter helps Team FCR brave dire conditions with race-tested performance

Sponsoring Team FCR for the 2016 Grand National Cross Country season, Uni Filter offers the ability to optimize performance in even the most brutal race conditions. 174 more words


Why, When and How Should You Replace AC Filters

You may not realize this, but by changing your furnace/HVAC air filter you can improve your home’s air quality and save you money? Change your filters on schedule and your air will be cleaner, your system will be more efficient and your bills will be lower. 30 more words


Why is my Electric Bill so high? We can help!

Your home needs lighting, heating, cooling, water heating and other amenities to stay comfortable and cozy. All of these items consume energy, but is there a way of saving money on these? 423 more words

Air Filters

Why ISO 16890 is the Future for HVAC Filters

MERV is the soon to be crazy Uncle that we will be showing the door.  It was a fun run MERV and you did some good things, but it’s time for a better test standard to be used.  622 more words

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