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Cleaning Your Air Filters Is Bad Science

Industrial air quality experts demonstrate on the importance of buying a new filter over cleaning a washable filter. Laboratory tests that have shown the surface of the filter media after even one cleaning is often deteriorated in non-visible ways which lead to a reduction in air quality on the micro level and eventually on the macro level as well. 381 more words

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Experts discuss ways to keep bad air out of homes as haze from wildfires hangs over Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Smoke from massive forest fires in the northwest is bringing heavy haze all across Utah, and while avoiding that dirty outdoor air is one thing–keeping it out of your home is another. 333 more words


Reasons Why Your Dryer Is Not Drying Well

Everyone loves fresh, clean clothes but many of us hate the idea of doing laundry. Why? Because it’s time consuming and laborious. Add to that, the dryer isn’t working properly and your clothes keep coming out damp. 272 more words


Performance Parts in Memphis: Air Intakes

Proper vehicle maintenance leads to improved performance, and every driver can relate to that. In order to keep your vehicle humming along with efficiency, sometimes you have to step it up a notch. 432 more words

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Air Purifiers for a Safe and Healthy Life

With the increasing pollution and decreasing air purity, the quality of the air is becoming a big issue, which affects your health and overall quality lifestyle. 360 more words

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Should you clean your air ducts?

Air ducts are the pathways that deliver the air you breathe. Under certain conditions, they make a perfect home for mold and dust particles that are blown into living spaces and trigger allergies. 250 more words

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7 Tips to keep your electric bill low this summer.

Summer is here, bringing extreme temperatures and working your A/C overtime. Keep your electric bill down with a few simple tips…

  1. Change your air filter – Under extreme weather, your A/C will work harder. 
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