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Our Movie President: 2016

My fellow Americans, in a time of indecision in our country. In a time where we are given a choice between a dumpster fire, and a dumpster fire on top of another dumpster fire today seems like a great day to remember one of our nation’s greatest leaders. 649 more words


This Unfilmed 'Firefly' Opening Scene Sounds Like The Perfect Homage To Harrison Ford

Despite its cancellation almost 14 years ago, Firefly has had a significant impact on science-fiction television programming, and its dedicated fanbase shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, as indicated by cast reunions like the one that took place at the Long Beach Comic Con over the weekend. 300 more words


Leading up to the Air Force Half Marathon

Quite a few months back, one of my running friends put a bug in my ear about the Air Force Marathon. It’s a good location between her (in Indiana) and me (in Tennessee). 876 more words


The art of Fashion in videos.

The year was 1997, I remember I would come home from school do homework and do what every other kid in the 90’s did, turn to MTV or BET. 258 more words


Links I liked, Sep 6 – Sep 16 (Join the Plodders, Air Force One on 9/11, College Blacklists)

1. Stop the Revolution.  Join the Plodders.

As great as it is that Bono is using his fame for some noble purpose, I just don’t believe that the happy future of the church, or the world for that matter, rests on our ability to raise up a million more Bonos (as at least one author suggests).

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Presidential logistics – the operation behind moving the most powerful leader in the world

With the US general election less than two months away, depending on the outcome, the shape of world trade could be set to change. As Brexit has shown, markets are extremely sensitive to a shift in the political landscape, and often this sort of stimulus can produce unexpected results. 1,280 more words