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blind… 94 more words

Not Stupid

There’s a popular photograph that many in the media seem fond of using when they’re discussing Hillary Clinton and her ongoing email scandal.  She’s on, I believe, Air Force One, and she’s perusing her Blackberry for, oh I don’t know, emails about Chelsea’s pregnancy?  215 more words


Secretary of Defense Ash Carter Statement on Marine Helicopter Tragedy

Our hearts go out to the loved ones and family members of 12 Marines missing since an apparent helicopter collision off the coast of Hawaii… 180 more words

Department Of Defense

Aviation: Air Force One

Leaders and government officials the world over often have specialised air assets that allow them to travel quickly and in a level of convenience and security that airline travel does not allow. 402 more words


Unnecessary Instructions

Betty Ford recalled a time when she was First Lady and was flying aboard Air Force One. She was in the restroom when the plane hit some unexpected turbulence. 25 more words


"It's Not Like That In Real Life." Part 1 - The Article

I personally find it humorous that i found this article about my most favorite actor in the entire world today, considering some of the recent events in my life…but that’s for another blog post. 261 more words