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This Week in History: 11/22/15

Dave Plier and Dave Schawn talk ‘This Week in History’ including the first national Thanksgiving, Thomas Edison introduces the phonograph, The Bears beat the Lions int he first ever televised NFL game in 1934, Rudolph appears on the music charts in 1948, Air Force One is christened in 1954, ‘The Price is Right’ debuts in 1956, Ozzie Guillen named AL Rookie of the Year in 1985. 18 more words

WGN Radio

An updated Air Force One could withstand the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion

The Air Force One is not a plane. It’s a radio call sign for any air force plane carrying the US president. However, most people imagine it to be the blue and white Boeing that all US presidents happily wave from. 204 more words

Air Force One, Buddy Guy, Biggest Perks of Being President: Barack Obama

Barack Obama has said that one of the biggest perks of being the US President is Air Force One and singer Buddy Guy coming to White House with his guitar. 12 more words

Seattle bride and groom thrilled by Presidential photobomb

SEATTLE — A Seattle couple was thrilled after their wedding day photoshoot was photobombed late last week.

Why, you might ask?

Take a close look at the photos… 164 more words