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Episode List:

  • 01. The Invincible Baby Face.
  • 02. Screams of the Rez-Boa Dogs.
  • 03. Enter the Night Kings.
  • 04. A Battle for Kazu, Onigiri, and My Pride.
  • 195 more words

Agito, my crazy blood thirsty baby 

Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima are three separate personalities sharing a single body. 

If you have read my review on Air Gear (if not you can read it… 545 more words

Character Break Down

Air Gear, taking a sport to the extreme

I have always been fascinated with roller blades and through my lifetime have owned two or three pairs. However my balance being what it is and the roads being rather gravely I have not been all that active with them but have always wanted to skate. 508 more words


What shows have you seen so far?

I am trying hard to look back on what anime shows I’ve seen so far since time immemorial and ta-da! looked at what I’ve digged up to. 612 more words


Anime & Video Game Soundtracks

I’ve been listening to some of my favorite soundtracks this weekend from anime and video games. Included in my choices are Air Gear, God Eater 2 Rage Burst and Persona 4 although there a many more I’d love to add from anime series such as Naruto, Bleach or more video game titles like the Tales of series and Fire Emblem however lets keep it short for the sake of this post. 404 more words

Video Games

Air Gear

Air Gear (Japanese: エア・ギア Hepburn: Ea Gia?) is a shōnen manga written and illustrated by Ito “Oh Great” Ōgure. Air Gear revolves around the life of Itsuki Minami “Ikki or Crow”, also known as “Baby Face”, “Lil (and Little) Crow”, and his friends. 121 more words


Thwip!'s Manga Mondays - Air Gear

It’s Monday folks! Which means we talk about a favorite manga of ours and why you all should read it – this week’s Manga Monday is all about Oh! 298 more words