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Free Bird Brain

Me: Let’s go
Brain: No way, it’s a blizzard outside
Me: No it’s not, the snow just started
Brain: But these fleece sheets are so warm… 278 more words

Neoliberalism_ Dubai Vs Las Vegas

This week’s two texts are the chapter ‘At Home in the Neon’ from Dave Hickey’s Air Guitar, and ‘Sand Fear and Money in Dubai’ by Mike Davis. 1,190 more words


Bedroom-Mirror Air Guitar Classics! (February 1st, 2018, Columbia, Missouri)

Everyone worth his salt has a private pantheon of classics that can only be fully appreciated “performed” on air guitar into his bedroom mirror. Maybe you didn’t need a mirror; I did–I was building myself, sometimes confronting myself. 520 more words

Listening Diary

Air guitar and Asian fury

Competitive air guitarists have long understood that their art form provides an ideal means for contesting the overwhelming whiteness of rock and the electric guitar, sometimes extending their critique to include gender as well. 100 more words


Sunday Song Suggestions #28...

The Final Countdown – Europe – 1986

There was a good period of time when I was a kid, that I thought The Final Countdown… 215 more words


Watch The Coolest Grandma Ever Play Air Guitar On Stage With Five Finger Death Punch

Although metal is seen as a genre with a very specific fan base, that’s actually not the case at all: “hipster metal” is a thing, and it turns out that the intense guitar music also really appeals to at least one grandma, who, with all due respect to your own grandmothers, is probably the coolest grandma of all time. 199 more words

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