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Air Guitar Nation - happy sadness

If you haven’t seen the rockumentary “Air Guitar Nation (2006)”, you really should. A wacky-looking real life cartoon character wearing a Hello Kitty breastplate, calling himself C-Diddy, ends up being the world champion of air guitar….

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A Tale of Two People

This is a true tale told to me by an acquaintance, I’ll call MP who read my book Our Spiritual Awakening.

You see MP was having problems at work with DD a coworker. 223 more words

      The Air Sings Like A Guitar…

  • Pablo Neruda
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Coloring the World

Who would ever think adult coloring books would be all the rage today.  The idea is when you color in one of these books it should be fun and relaxing. 146 more words

KISS Selling Official Air Guitar Strings for $3.99.

When I think of the band KISS, I no longer think of music. I think of all the shitty stupid merchandise they have put their name on over the years. 288 more words


Zumba: Sometimes I go to the Beat of My Own Drums

It’s time for another Zumba story!  I enjoy going to Zumba twice a week, with a great group of people.  It is a steady group, and there are some of us that are regulars, and some that come once in a while, and there are even people who join the group and become regulars. 504 more words


KISS Selling $4 Air Guitar Strings

There has never been a product that the band KISS hasn’t welcomed endorsing. Including the now “KISS Air Guitar Strings” selling for $4 a pop! 58 more words