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This is one of my favourite photos of my beloved hubby! Taken at a NYE party a few years back, the DJ clearly put on a favourite song! 26 more words

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Today's Theme Music

The stream has shifted. Into the flow comes an all-time favorite by a little band called Derek and the Dominoes, with help from a guy named Duane Allman. 149 more words

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Forget the mouth, it's all about the feet

To my children,

I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for words.  I believe almost anything anyone tells me, especially if it’s nice.  For years I believed that those little windmill things you see in fields in the country were to keep the cows cool (nope, they’re for bore water).   472 more words

More of Liza Franks, Richard Armitage, and "My Celebrity Boyfriend"

I read this at zRYSIOwana ja. For those not familiar, these are from Franks’ 2007 book, My Celebrity Boyfriend, which was the published version of an academic qualification she prepared. 80 more words

Richard Armitage

Air Guitar Nation - happy sadness

If you haven’t seen the rockumentary “Air Guitar Nation (2006)”, you really should. A wacky-looking real life cartoon character wearing a Hello Kitty breastplate, calling himself C-Diddy, ends up being the world champion of air guitar….

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A Tale of Two People

This is a true tale told to me by an acquaintance, I’ll call MP who read my book Our Spiritual Awakening.

You see MP was having problems at work with DD a coworker. 223 more words