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post-punk gems, v. 57 -- Rudi

Happy Wednesday, punkers and punkettes. I’ve got two writers on my mind today, and one great single. Dave Hickey is one of the best we’ve got in the states on art, culture, and democracy, and he’s prolific poster on facebook. 170 more words

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Guilty pleasures that no-one feels guilty about.

Oooo, guilty pleasures eyy? To be honest, all my guilty pleasures aren’t actually guilty. I’m very open about the nerdy things I like and I’m sure I’m not the only one. 547 more words

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He’s talented alright, just not in a conventional sense…

Harry is showing great dedication and tenacity in mastering his musical instrument. (Dedication’s what you need, as anyone who was a child of the 70s or 80s will know). 627 more words


Timmy Tucker the fishmonger lives behind the red door with a window that looks like half a pizza. He has a head that looks like a baked potato. 166 more words