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Birmingham with my best friend

Welcome everybody,

Birmingham. The flight I was really looking forward only for a reason; I could fly with my best friend! We had the same date of joining and we were both in the same batch. 995 more words

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Rain, snow and sun in Dublin

Hello again,

So I spent one day in Dublin in the middle of November. The flight is more than 7 hours long but it was a good one, with great crew and customers. 639 more words

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A Morning In Munich

So my only turn around of November was to Bahrain, however someone sent me a swap for Munich and I couldn’t click accept fast enough. I’ve flown into Munich a fair few times as a passenger when I’ve been skiing with my family and we would drive across to Austria. 703 more words


The gift of my reserve month: Vietnam

Hello everybody,

As I wrote in my previous post, I’ve got an amazing surprise flight at the end of the last month, beginning of this one. 937 more words

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Why travelling the world isn't for everyone..

Ok, deceiving heading – I know. Let me be clear I’m not saying travelling the world is not for everyone (hey clickbait), on the contrary. 691 more words

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A Day In Dhaka

Dhaka is usually just a turn around, but due to a change in flight times it meant that with flying legalities it now has to be a layover temporarily. 549 more words


Hopping Home And To Harrogate

I don’t normally write on when I have a layover in Manchester as there often very relaxed (even though I’m zipping about here, there and everywhere non stop) and pretty uneventful to write about. 503 more words