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The First Post

Hi readers!

I will soon be working as a flight attendant for Emirates and decided it would be a nice idea to create a little place on the internet where I can jot down my travel experiences and thoughts. 72 more words

Air Hostess

Chapter 2

A grey haze of rain billows relentlessly across a grey sky. Kalinda has never seen rain like this. Her memories of the monsoon rains thrashing the roof of her suburban home seem farther away with every passing minute. 430 more words

Fairy Tale

The Golden Call

After three long, excruciating months of waiting to hear back from Emirates, they finally reached out to me.

I was at my best friends house stuffing my face with strawberries, nutella, AND coffee cake on February 17th, 2015. 236 more words


First Roster!

As you all might know I’m main fleet, that is I only fly with B777, A330 and A340. As for main fleet we most likely get more turnarounds than layovers. 392 more words

Cabin Crew

Expectations...and Reality.

Training is tough and stressful, and SEP was the toughest one. In SEP it’s all about aircrafts and basic aeronautics, diagrams, emergencies procedures, assessments and home based assignments everyday plus computer tests with 50 questions. 630 more words

Cabin Crew

Houston, We Have Liftoff!

In January I was finally rostered a new destination – Houston!

Since I’ve upgraded to working in business class I’ve been solely on the A380, and with only around 30 destinations it’s easy to get rostered the same places each month. 925 more words

The Hottest Asian air crew

Remember the glory days of air travel?  Ok you probably don’t but it was fantastic!  There was a golden age of Air travel in the 1960’s and 70’s. 270 more words