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Friday Few {1}

Hey lovely people! I thought I would mix things up a little bit here. As much as travel is a big part of my life, it doesn’t account for all of it, and I’m not travelling the globe all the time either. 466 more words

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October Roster

Our rosters arrived early this month but this wasn’t that much of a great thing as I am on reserve for the whole of October… for those of you who don’t know what that means it basically means I am on standby. 178 more words

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October's Roster

October’s roster is a bit of a strange one because, on the one hand I got 0% bid satisfaction so I was obviously a bit miffed… 296 more words

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At the end of the world

Hello again,

I think no other title would be better to describe New Zealand, the most wonderful place I have been so far. After Australia I thought no place could be better and more beautiful but I was wrong. 2,247 more words

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Nightmare journey from Bangkok to Budapest

Hello everybody,

As I mentioned in my previous post (which was released a long time ago, I know) I had a pretty adventurous journey back from Thailand. 2,366 more words

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A Slumber In Seoul

Sorry this blog post took a few days (a week) to be posted, but I have been ever so busy since I landed from Seoul that I am only now getting the chance to write and post it!  621 more words

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Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

Do you believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason?” During the darkest days of my illness this was something I couldn’t accept. How could losing my dream job and spending every day laid up in relentless pain in any way be part of a bigger plan for me and actually be happening for a reason? 998 more words