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Roaming around Rome

My next flight after my trip to LGW and Brighton was a flight to Rome. It’d been almost exactly a year since the last time I flew to Rome, so I was very much looking forward to going back to the Italian capital! 463 more words

Is a flight attendant career right for you?

A flight attendant? Wow! That’s Insane! Anyone would love to do this job, it is just so glamorous! You can just roam around the world, eat different things, meet different people around the world, and not to forget, work just for half a month! 545 more words


Auckland, New Zealand

what better way to start your day than jumping off a building at 10 in the morning? oh yeah.. i’ll get into that in just a moment ;) but first, i need to talk about how happy the cool weather made me. 663 more words


Brisbane, Australia

My first ultra long haul flight was a sector from Dubai to Brisbane, then Brisbane to Auckland, then Auckland back to Brisbane, then from Brisbane back to Dubai. 516 more words


10 Lies We Tell Everyday As Cabin Crew

I recently came across this post on Confessions of A Trolley Dolly and it really made me giggle. This relates so much to every single flight I have ever operated so much so that I say them without even realising nowadays. 1,305 more words


Ciao Venezia!

Last month I was lucky enough to be rostered a flight to Venice. It’s been years since I’ve been there, and it just so happened it was on Mum’s birthday! 482 more words

Referencing and Background Checks

Almost two weeks after getting the provisional offer of employment from BA I have finally gotten the email to say that they are going to start doing my background checks. 505 more words

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