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Dougherty Garden on March 4, 2015 - Today in the Garden

The next door neighbor is in the process of adding sythetic turg Grass to his backyard and everyhting has to be removed from the garden on their side, so it’s going to be a bit noisy for a couple of days. 538 more words

Back Yard

Jellyfish Air Plants by Cathy Van Hoang of Petit Beast

LA-based designer and art director Cathy Van Hoang is the genial owner and creator of Petit Beast, the original shop of Jellyfish Air Plants™, the air plants masquerading as jellyfish. 84 more words

Art And Artist

Everglades National Park

We were both very excited to finally be able to go to the Everglades National Park. All I imagined prior to our visit were aerial shots from CSI:Miami, no joke. 375 more words


Sunday DIY: Propagating Succulents

Hello All,

As promised, I am back with my adventures of being a succulent gardener. I have managed to be somewhat successful in propagating them. It helps that a friend’s mom gave me major pointers about growing them and the good old world wide web has manage to help me keep them alive and healthy. 525 more words


A first glance at the Portland Flower Market

There are some definite perks with working in the industry. One of them is a pass to the Portland Flower Market – a wholesale market that caters to everything florist-related one could possibly imagine. 682 more words


Etsy treasures: Air plant terrariums from WilliamsGrove

Today I want to show you some air plant terrariums from an Etsy shop called WilliamsGrove:

Those terrariums contain air plants.

Air plants are exotic-looking, fun little plants that grow without soil and require minimal care.

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Hanging planters

There’s a pesky little corner of my kitchen that’s very hard to dress – it’s too small to do much with, but it looks very stark without any decoration. 189 more words