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Air plants in the winter

January is a time of activity for my air plants, so I felt that it would be interesting to take some (rather badly lit) pictures of them. 322 more words

Air Plants

Tillandsia's First Bloom

I am not sure what species of tillandsia this is, but i have kept it for over 2 years now. And it is such a slow-grower that at one point i thought it was dead. 77 more words


Winter Care For Air Plants

Many love taking their air plants outside for the warm months but since air plants are a tropical species, they need to be brought indoors when the nights start to fall below 40 degrees. 299 more words


Sculptural and Stylish, Air Plants Thrive Indoors with a Minimum of Care

Nothing But Air

Amazing air plants live their lives without ever touching soil, often high in the treetops. As indoor plants, they don’t really live on “nothing but air”—even air plants need a regular dunking to stay hydrated. 799 more words


Air plant and air planter

Where do you feel held? Heard? Seen?
Where can you spread out, take up space, and know that there’s plenty of room left for you to keep emerging?

Air Planter

My air plant collection.. so far.

So after being inspired from some of the recent books I have been reading. I purchased several small air plants from my local nursery, to begin my collection. 127 more words


Tasteful Flora

It’s the season of giving and love, and this girl here has been away for quite some time. Good news is now I am done with my Undergraduate studies and hope to be spending more time here. 891 more words