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Blooming Tillandsia

So I recently purchased 3 air plants from my local garden center because I’ve seen them all over and I’m becoming obsessed. I mean, they don’t need soil or to be watered like regular plants so what’s not to love? 168 more words

Air Plants

Rare plant fair in Vienna

One of the perks of living in Bratislava is its great location:  it takes just a little bit more than 1 hour to get to Vienna by train and 14 eur for  a return ticket. 422 more words

Urban Jungle

Indoor jungle discovery. Greenhouse in Bratislava (SK)

Decision to visit Bratislava botanical garden and its greenhouse was very spontaneous. I returned from a farm market on Saturday morning (with fresh asparagus so try to guess what will be this week recipe about) and realized that it’s actually 1st of April and it’s the first day when the botanical garden opens after a winter break. 339 more words

Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle update

It’s time to share latest gardening (indoor and… outdoor) news.  I always liked idea of community gardens and when I googled if there were some of them in Bratislava, I discovered that I had one not just close to my place but literally under my windows. 408 more words

Urban Jungle

how to not kill your air plants

I constantly hear common myths about air plants that they don’t need water, even crazier that they don’t need sunlight. Turns out: they do. Don’t let that scare you away, though. 858 more words

Air Plant

The Terrarium Fad

Terrariums have made a significant comeback recently as succulents and other hardy house plants have increased in popularity.

What many people don’t know, however, is that terrariums have been used since 500 B.C. 609 more words

Air Plant Love

Imagine you are a plant and you don’t need roots to tether you to the Earth.  Instead you live in a cluster of other like-minded individuals, anchored in the canopies of trees & bushes in tropical & sub-tropical habitats. 593 more words