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The Sky is Choking Us (AKA: Never Take Blue Skies for Granted)

Here’s a photo of our street at the moment.

Notice those beautifully green hills in the background? Of course not, they are completely covered by a thick layer of smog courtesy of Indonesia. 379 more words

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Auf Wiedersehen Volkswagen?

As always, a lot is going on in the world.

Volkswagen is in hot soup because it cheated on an emission test. Short story long: 537 more words

Scientific fraud is a major problem--but we knew that

Below is another essay put up by Steve Milloy on scientific fraud.

I would say that the authors are naive when they say fraud is less in intensely studied areas of research. 462 more words

Air Pollution

Health is too important to be left to the Health Service!

Is our Health Serice Sustainable?

In yesterday’s edition of the Independent they published two interesting stories about health which could not have been more contradictory. 1,067 more words


Paris Summit 2015 - Each country's pledge

Carbon Brief has been following each country’s pledge towards the Paris 2015 summit. Here on this post you will find more details on how each country pledged in the upcoming summit. 171 more words


Why Improve Air Conditions When You Can Relocate People?

So I’m in the archives at Burton Barr and run across an article which is decrying air pollution around Sky Harbor from back in the seventies. 227 more words

Air Pollution

Reflecting on what Volkswagen’s errors means in human terms

We cannot just take enforcement lapses casually. What Volkswagen did to deceive the enforcement system has serious implications to our health, as discussed by Margot Sanger-Katz and John Schwartz in the New York Times. 874 more words