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Wills’s Aviation Card #47 – “Jerme” Biplane.

History Behind The Card: “Jerme” Biplane.
Card #47 of 50, W.D.& H.O Wills, Aviation series 1910

  • Charles-Marie-Joseph Germe, in France

This one was a challenge to find out all the information I wanted to discover. 746 more words


Air Show in Virginia Beach - U.S. Navy Blue Angels

These pilots and the precision maneuvers that they perform on these  F/A-18 Hornet aircraft are simply amazing. They flew past the crowd in 2s, 4s and as a diamond of 6. 32 more words

Karl Bowden Photography

Air Show in Virginia Beach -F/A-18F Super Hornet Fighter Jet

The pilots of this aircraft performed some amazing feats! They demonstrated the powerful capabilities of this jet. They kept the jet just under the speed of sound (so no sonic booms or broken glass) during their low flying sprints across the runway. 34 more words

Karl Bowden Photography

Air Show in Virginia Beach - Shockwave Jet Truck Race with Rob Holland in MXS-RH Aircraft

These guys were amazing to watch. An incredibly talented pilot flying an aircraft ‘on steroids’. Plus an 18 wheeler truck with a jet aircraft engine! Racing down the runway, against each other. Wow! Enjoy the shots!

Karl Bowden Photography

Air Show in Virginia Beach - F22 Raptor

The pilot of this incredible aircraft showed us some amazing things during his performance. Straight up, Straight down, loops, dives, horizontal sprints. Incredible. And then to top it off, he in his F22 flew along side a P51 Mustang in a US Air Force Heritage Flight. 6 more words

Karl Bowden Photography

Pilots vs. Hairdressers

Air show! Air show!

Lots of planes,

Tons of balls,

Questionable brains.

Hair show! Hair show!

Fewer planes,

Fewer balls,

The brain thing’s the same.


Air Show in Virginia Beach - Skydivers and Parachutes

These teams did some amazing jumps and landings. Precision parachuting, pretty colors and meaningful  causes.

Parachute Jump to Remember POWs and MIAs

Parachute Jump to Honor Navy Gold Star Families (Surviving Family Members of Service Members Who Died While on Active Duty)

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