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Summer 2018 Travel Gear Guide

We’re gearing up again to head out on a 4 city, 12 day, family adventure to Europe.  We’ll be sightseeing through Lucerne, Switzerland on arrival, then Prague, Czechia, and on to Stockholm, Sweden, and finally Helsinki Finland!  1,103 more words

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Flying with Hiking Gear

I often travel to do my hiking. For example, this summer I went to North Carolina to hike in Nantahala with J-Dub.

Even if you’re a seasoned flyer, traveling with hiking gear has a bit of a learning curve so I wanted to share what I’ve experienced along the way. 406 more words


A Wedding on the West Coast

I’d never been in an airport before everything opened.  Perhaps that’s not true, but if I had, it was certainly because of a connection and not because my flight was so early.  1,209 more words


Off to Taipei

Mr. Kim has been our family driver since we moved to Seoul, so he’s had to endure the family expanding from three to five over the past few years. 16 more words


Space Force Insanity

The Space Force page and my government’s obsessive use of social media can be used as evidence to support gaining asylum to another country. I might have support in Russia. 17 more words

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What You Don't Know About Airplane Oxygen Masks - Condé Nast Traveler

The oxygen masks deploy automatically when there is a loss of cabin pressure.

This could happen for any number of reasons, including a tear in the fuselage or anything that causes the pressurization system—or the valves that continually pump air into the aircraft to mimic the breathable concentrations of oxygen at lower altitudes—to malfunction. 34 more words