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3 Tips for Cleaner Winter IAQ

In winter, homes are sealed up as tight as possible to be energy-efficient and stay warm. However, this limits the amount of fresh air in the home, raising concentrations of both allergens and pollutants. 286 more words

Energy Costs

Winter Tips to Stay Warm in Boise

With Boise and the Treasure Valley forecast to get snow this weekend, it’s definitely time for some winter HVAC tips. After getting the HVAC system serviced… 413 more words

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5 Signs the Furnace Filter Needs Changed

The furnace filter needs to be changed regularly to keep everything running smoothly. However, it can be difficult to remember the last time it was replaced. 277 more words

Cigarette Smoke Traveling through the HVAC System

In some apartment buildings, the HVAC system is linked together. That means what’s in one apartment can leak into the neighbor’s ducts and cause allergies or asthma… 318 more words


Ghosts or No Ghosts?

In our dorm hall it is common to hear voices; the walls are thinner than the pages in a bible.

But…sometimes, we hear soft conversations. Or someone watching Seinfeld…at 3 o’clock in the morning. 190 more words

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Day 39 - Monday 5th September 2016

Day 39 – Monday 5th September 2016

Today the roofer returned and completed the valleys on the hips of the roof. Also the fascia board was completed.  47 more words