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Any house or condo that has a vent in any of the rooms are likely so used to them that you overlook how valuable and critical they can be. 796 more words

Air Vent Covers

I love wind chimes. I almost never get to hear them, though. I don’t do much sitting outside in Houston, because there are so often bugs and/or extreme heat.

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How Colder Weather Can Affect IAQ

As a chill creeps into the air, residents in Boise will begin to close off their houses to outside air to keep the cold out. Trapping in warm air and keeping out the cold is good for furnace efficiency, but not as much for… 258 more words

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Reducing the Effects of Smoky Air

As the month of August begins, so does the air quality warning from fires surrounding the Boise area.. This time of year can be especially difficult on those with asthma, heart disease, and children, elderly residents, and pets. 276 more words

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Don’t Close Air Vents

In an effort to save more money by using less energy, many people close their air vents in rooms that get little or no use. 315 more words

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Close up of old Volkswagen Squareback Station Wagon rear panel air vents. Car is painted white but has really heavy rust over certain areas. Used an iPhone to take the picture.

Debunking IAQ Myths

Indoor Air Quality is something everyone should consider. Breathing in air full of debris, dust, and allergens, as well as dangerous pollutants is dangerous to a person’s health, and more so for those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues. 279 more words

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