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Why AC Units Need Cleaned

Many people think just routinely changing the filters in their air conditioning unit will keep everything running smoothly. While that is an important thing to remember, it is not the only maintenance the AC requires. 233 more words


Obstructing Air Vents

Blocked air vents can create a variety of problems. Air conditioners are not creating air, they are merely recycling it by drawing it through the return vents to cool it and then sending it back out. 197 more words

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How to Keep Your Laptop Cool

Generally, electronics gets hot after running for a while of which your laptop isn’t an exception. There may be extreme cases such as laptop explosion which can be a result of faulty batteries or chargers in the case of power surge. 314 more words


Anti-Homeless Cages

First we had spikes keeping rough sleepers away from London high-rise flats and now we have cages preventing them from sleeping next to warm air vents. 373 more words

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Kansas Saver Tip!

Not getting enough heat?

Check your furnace filter and air vents. One of the most common causes of insufficient heat or cooled air is a plugged furnace filter. 73 more words

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Fall Preparedness Tips

With the changing season comes new home maintenance challenges. Early fall provides a great opportunity to take preventative maintenance measures for your home. The weather in Central California is still great, so you should have no trouble getting these done before it is time to spend more quality time in doors. 174 more words