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New Environment Bill (UK)

Today 18th July (in fact just now), the UK Prime Minister announced the Government will bring forward the first Environment Bill since 1995. This is a highly significant development. 69 more words

New UK Law

My Eagle Dream

July 18, 2018

Last night I dreamed of being on a First Nations reservation. There was lots going on. Some sitting by a bonfire. Some getting ready to go somewhere. 356 more words


sebuah usikan tentang kehidupan


Graded Response Action Plan: How Delhi plans to combat severe air pollution

For the last three years, the months of October and November see extensive coverage of how bad the air in Delhi is. Winters in the capital are a time of excruciating discomfort and irritation in various forms; delayed flights, extreme traffic, low visibility, inability to breathe and irritation in all kinds of body parts. 472 more words




opening windows
letting in the Summer’s air
the season takes you


Keberagaman 'Agama' dan Penyebaran Ajarannya

Semua hal gw yakini mempunyai arti. Entah itu teknologi, makhluk hidup, ataupun benda luar angkasa, tak terkecuali juga ‘agama’. Menurut lu, apa maksud atau guna dari ‘agama’ satu terhadap ‘agama’ yang lain? 116 more words


Peer Review History: Evaluation of Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Potential of Essential Oil from Citrus reticulata Fruit Peels


Aims: To determine the chemical composition and antioxidising potential of Citrus reticulata fruit peel essential oil.

Study Design: Isolation of essential oil from Citrus reticulata  238 more words