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Infinite space

Infinite space. Photo of cloud reflections in the glass facade of the modern Casa del Cuño annex of the Antigua Aduana, San Jose, Costa Rica. 73 more words


The Middle Flower of the Air

I took this picture four years when I was hiking on the mountains of Utah when I came upon this singularly beautiful flower. I wanted to capture only the essence of the flower, so I focused the lens of the flower and put the background out of focus, creating a floating effect. 23 more words

Artist's Window

Manchester airport trip

I went to Manchester airport for a trip based on my sixth-form course!

We arrived at 10/11AM and it was really dark and looked as if it was going to rain. 144 more words


COTD 13.12.16:Invigorating...

Today’s COTD is Dancer Five

Face into the storm today, let the wind whip away any negative energies which linger, and let the rain cleanse your soul, freeing your spirit so it can freely soar. 62 more words


Miami Lakes and Miami Beach FL air duct cleaning services

The essentiality of hiring professional air duct cleaning services for a commercial business For a commercial business owner, especially those owning a manufacturing plant or a warehouse are likely to have ample debris and dirt which requires being cleaned frequently. 10 more words

Fashion Medality

I always believe that great things and achievement takes time for some and quick for others. Becoming a fashion icon that people look up to determines the aspect of modality a person is, but fashion also is not just about modeling. 125 more words


Cappadocia: The Highs and Lows

I have three words for you: Hot. Air. Balloon.

Don’t worry, I’m not referring to any particular political individual(s) in the headlines these days ( 543 more words