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Eye Witness Account for Leyte

As November 1944 is coming to a close, the 2nd Battalion/187th Regiment/11th Airborne Division moved up from Bito Beach to the mountains just west of Burauen and it’s an eye-opener for the men.   542 more words


5 Things Cabin Crew Know, That You Should Too

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Since I have a trip coming up, I thought I would share with you 5 of the tips I have for staying clean and healthy while flying. 490 more words


25 November 1944

Aircraft from the Task Forces 38.2 and 38.3 both bombed The Japanese shipping off central Luzon in the Philippine Islands.  Planes from the American aircraft carrier, USS… 238 more words


Lost at Sea

As November 1944 began, the 345th Bomb Group was flying to the staging base of Morotai, where they would then take part in missions that targeted islands in the Philippines. 473 more words


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A look into the air war and saving pilots!


November 1944 (2)

1 November –  Young Japanese girls wore headbands that designated them as Special Attack Force members. Daily they would recite the Imperial Precepts for Soldiers and Sailors before they began a twelve-hour shift in a makeshift factory in Kokura, Japan. 592 more words


Smitty's Letter XV - "Landing"

All ashore that’s going’ ashore…..

As the ships drew closer to Leyte, the American soldiers already on shore were being hampered by logistical problems which caused a severe delay in capturing the island.  681 more words


Wake Up and Grind

I have been fighting multiple enemies over the last 11 years of my Army career. I have been engaged with JAM, AQI, Taliban, and will shortly soon to be engaged with ISIS.   235 more words