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Paintlog: Dana Murphy and fun with airbrushing inks

I’ve been falling behind on updating this blog, partly because I have a couple articles half-written that I haven’t had the motivation to actually finish. While those are still on the back burner, I figured it would be a good idea to update some of my readers with information on a recent project I did which involved some interesting techniques to accomplish something that most people consider to be very difficult. 1,758 more words

The Cup Runneth Over

It’s often the little things in the Little World that loom largest.

Now I’m not going to suggest that I’m a cheapskate. A penny-pincher. A scrooge. 276 more words

Scale Models

Airbrushing: The Effects On A Generation.

Photoshop has been used ever since 1988’s, and since then it has taken the media by storm, in setting unachievable beauty standards amongst young women. If you’re like me and have been growing up with magazines and advertisements with stunning girls who sit down and don’t have rolls or beauty marks are removed as if they’re something ugly, the use of photoshop amongst advertisers have certainly rocketed during the 2000s – present day. 450 more words

Nakajima ' Kate ' - Part Four - The Basic Structure

Or ” When Does An Airplane Start To Live? ‘.

Okay. You’ve done the interior painting. You’ve stuck on the instrument decals. You’ve decided whether or not you’ll spend an extra month trying to put in photoetched seatbelts, pilot’s clipboards, and spare chewing gum dispenser ( US aircraft only).* Everything that could be sub-assembled and painted in preparation is done. 424 more words

Scale Models

The Little Workshop - Colourful Guilt

Some modelers keep a stash of unbuilt kits ┬áin closets – these probably reassure them, much like a giant hoard of gold comforts the dragon Fafner in Wagner’s Ring cycle. 498 more words


What'cha Got Cookin' ?

Ansons…I couldn’t get the plain variety so this is the one with resins…I mean raisins…

Currently it is raisin’ my blood pressure.

I was nearly right by the time I got to spraying the grey undercoat on the ship. 483 more words

Scale Models

The Mask Of Scale-Model Comedy Is A Mask Of 1:1 Tragedy

And vice versa. And even if you have come to prefer your vice versa, you still have to take time out of your busy round of orgies to deal with the painting on your model airplane, structure, or car. 725 more words