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Khloé Kardashian Admits to Regularly Altering Photos

Khloé Kardashian has a reputation of saying it like it is, and she didn’t disappoint when she admitted to regularly using Facetune. “Of course I believe in airbrushing apps,” she told… 316 more words


Starting Shaltari...again

So this is my second attempt at running a Shaltari army, last time I was unable to grasp the rules so had to go back and learn with UCM. 108 more words

Dropzone Commander

Unethical Photoshopping (my feelings)

I was playing around on photoshop and found a way to change the face shape of someone to match societies standards of beauty. I used a two friends faces as a way to experiment  with it, and the results made me sad. 85 more words

Unit 10

Quick build: Mei's endothermic blaster

Mei’s endothermic blaster (Overwatch)
Build techniques: 3D modeling, 3D printing
Build date: July-August 2016

3d Modeling

First attempt at Airbrushing..........

Hey everyone,

So how’s it going?

So I’ve got this Badger 250-2 model airbrush (externally mixing) and a can of propellant and while I’m building the Messerschmitt I thought I would have a go at airbrushing the wing of my Lancaster bomber.   117 more words


Ethics of Photoshopping

In our last lesson we were challenged to create an overly photoshopped image. We learnt skin smoothing techniques and how to make it look natural, but airbrushed. 186 more words

Unit 10

Uruk-hai Warrior Body Paint 

Body painting for my fantasy make-up assessment I turned my SO in to an Uruk-hai from my favourite film franchise Lord of the Rings of course. 113 more words