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Librarian finished

Finished & battle ready, this Librarian did not have enough re-rolls & failed to harness warp charges multiple times.
Maybe a couple of touch ups to go, but I’m calling it done.




The Free Re-Roll Librarian

I only get a handful of games in each year, one of those is coming up in 2 weeks. So to help inspire us to paint one of the lads suggested we paint a model (nominate 3 & the others pick) & if it is painted in time we get a free re-roll to use during the course of the game (provided we play the model). 36 more words


Uruk-hai Warrior Body Paint 

Body painting for my fantasy make-up assessment I turned my SO in to an Uruk-hai from my favourite film franchise Lord of the Rings of course. 113 more words


The Great Marine Reclamation project (4) - airbrushing

I’ve got the base airbrush layers down, trying a couple of different techniques, I’ve decided to start with a squad of Ultra’s, Blood Angels & Dark Angels.


The Great Marine Reclamation project (3) - painting prep tips

I use wine bottle corks to paint my models on and a superb use for all those old 25mm bases (due to the 32mm resizing, is gluing them on the bottom of the corks with a quick dab of super glue to add some nice stability. 16 more words


Addressing women's body image issues

Why is the author of this article suggesting that the government should get involved in women’s body issues?

I understand that body image for many women is indeed an issue, but rather than attempt to regulate the industry by placing restrictions on image publication, why don’t we teach our daughters how to deal with these issues. 361 more words