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The Cruise Ship Mentality

I have never been on a cruise ship, but I have been told by numerous relations and friends that it is the ultimate vacation experience. You never have to worry about transportation. 502 more words


BAE System: Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier – The Greatest Challenges

The Queen Elizabeth class is a class of two supercarriers currently under construction for the Royal Navy. The first, HMS Queen Elizabeth, was named on 4 July 2014, with her ship commissioning planned for 2017, and an initial operating capability expected in 2020. 455 more words

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Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)

A micro air vehicle (MAV), or micro aerial vehicle, is a class of Miniature UAVs that has a size restriction and may be autonomous. Modern craft can be as small as 15 centimetres. 46 more words

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Jane’s: China flight testing modified J-15 for CATOBAR operations

Richard D Fisher Jr, Washington DC and Gabriel Dominguez, London and Sean O’Connor, Indianapolis – IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

21 September 2016

China has been flight testing a new variant of its J-15 navalised fighter modified for catapult-assisted take-off but arrested recovery (CATOBAR) operations, according to images posted on Chinese online forums. 334 more words

End of Aircraft Carriers Era?

The flagships of the American Navy are ready to disappear from the oceans. This is the the perspective drawn for these monsters of the American Navy by senior analyst Ben Ho Wan Beng of the prestigious School of International Affairs in Singapore. 117 more words

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