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Josh Freed: Death by 1,000 service cuts — unless you pay a fee

On a recent five-hour flight I paid a $25 “excess” baggage fee for my one modestly-sized bag — a fee that used to be included in your ticket. 766 more words

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My $42 bottle of shampoo by Bill Storie

By Bill Storie

I was recently on a business trip out of Bermuda to let’s just say North America. I usually just have a walk-on bag and a briefcase. 478 more words

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Pay Me My Money Down

by Nancy Bestor

I’m just back from a weekend trip on Allegiant Air, one of the many “discount/no frills” airlines currently in operation in the US. 622 more words

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JetBlue's Reputation Up in the Air After Baggage Fee Announcement

We predicted this would happen. When JetBlue announced in November that it was scrapping its first-checked-bag-free policy and reducing legroom by shoehorning more seats onto its planes, Wall Street was thrilled — the airline’s stock jumped 4% after the announcement. 390 more words

These Are the Airline Fees Actually Worth Paying For

This article originally appeared on Map Happy.

Fees are the reality of flying today and it’s left us with a whole bunch of to-pay-or-not-to-pay questioning. 885 more words

The most annoying type of airline passenger is ...

(CNN) — Hey, seat-kicker!

We get that you paid for an airline seat that already seems too tiny. And now someone has reclined their seat into your lunch. 720 more words


A Travelling We Go

When did it become my responsibility to pack for EVERYONE when we travel? At what point was Executive Director in Charge of Packing, added to my title? 574 more words

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