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Consumers Finally Win One: Real Airfare Prices

Despite the millions airlines poured into lobbying against it, as of yesterday the U.S. Department of Transportation has mandated that all flights operating in the U.S. 462 more words


Most Popular Bargain Travel Posts of the Year

This is probably the last post of the year as I turn off all the blinking distractions and give the chattering a rest. Time to let my eyes focus on the loved ones around me for a week instead of glowing pixels. 131 more words


Airline Fees in Europe

SmarterTravel has published a series of great tables to help passengers figure out how much they’ll get reamed by various airlines in extra fees and frequent flyer fees to redeem “free” tickets. 433 more words


A Weekend With No Baggage Fees on Allegiant Air

One travel perk of moving to Tampa for a couple years has been a big improvement in flight options. Besides having lots of airports within a 4-hour drive if needed, one 30 minutes away is a hub for Allegiant Air . 672 more words


It may not feel like it, but US airline fees are actually leveling out

US airline baggage and booking fees—the bane of many travelers’ existences—are finally leveling out after years of explosive growth.

Data from PlaneStats.com, an aviation-data platform run by consulting firm Oliver Wyman, show that US airline fees are rising at a slower pace than they have in the past. 265 more words

From January 9- January 25, I and a friend toured the stunningly breathtaking country of Costa Rica which far surpassed our expectations. We returned home late in the evening of the 25th after a full day of travel ordeals. 1,240 more words

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Seeing the Big Picture for 2011 Travels

Becoming a smart traveler, a savvy traveler, a contrarian traveler means seeing what the big trends are and how they affect your travels. Unless you have more money than you know what to do with and just can’t decide where to spend it all, you need to find deals and bargains where you can. 999 more words