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United to start charging for carry-on luggage

If you feel you’re being nickel and dimed by airline fees, get used to it. As the airline industry attempts to trim down and cut costs, formerly included services are being chopped up and billed a la carte. 574 more words


Travelers Just Want To Know What A Flight Will Cost Upfront

There are all kinds of annoyances involved in flying, whether it’s that jerk in front of you who slammed his seat back into your knees or the fees you pay to check a bag and select your seat. 463 more words

In a fury over airline fees?

CNN Money has an article out about how air fares are declining – in fact, summer fares are at their lowest in seven years. But what about the current state of airline ancillary FEES? 181 more words


Flying for Fees: how the airlines are keeping families from sitting togther and what you can do about it

Airlines have increasingly devised clever (if unethical) ways to charge extra fees for a wide variety of “add ons” once considered part of the ticket price. 277 more words


Consumers Finally Win One: Real Airfare Prices

Despite the millions airlines poured into lobbying against it, as of yesterday the U.S. Department of Transportation has mandated that all flights operating in the U.S. 462 more words


Most Popular Bargain Travel Posts of the Year

This is probably the last post of the year as I turn off all the blinking distractions and give the chattering a rest. Time to let my eyes focus on the loved ones around me for a week instead of glowing pixels. 131 more words


Airline Fees in Europe

SmarterTravel has published a series of great tables to help passengers figure out how much they’ll get reamed by various airlines in extra fees and frequent flyer fees to redeem “free” tickets. 433 more words