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Not Sure if Anyone Has Made This Joke Before, But Airline Food is Not Great

(Chestersmith, IL) Hey folks, how’s it going? Can I get some applause from the crowd? No? Alright, I’ll have to earn it. You know, as a stand up comedian, or a ‘Standy’ as we like to refer to ourselves, my job is to take common everyday things and turn them into relatable jokes for you. 336 more words


How Did They Really Do?

Before I tell you anything about Korea, I wanted to discuss my experiences on my flights to Seoul.

I flew with Alaska Airlines from Boise to Spokane and then Spokane to Seattle. 952 more words


Stay healthy while you travel- Is plane food bad for me?

Who hasn’t heard the horific stories about plane food? Oversalted, full of sodium and baaaad chemicals, way too calorie-rich blah blah blah. So what do? Especially as a vegan, when the option “vegetarian” already is a rarity. 91 more words


Frankfurt to Chicago

So it was finally time to head home. After spending some time in the Lufthansa lounge, I made my way to the gate just before boarding. 643 more words


Lufthansa's European Business Class

I looked around for a while after arriving and finally found the Lufthansa check-in counter amongst the sea of queues inside the Naples airport. I was the only one in line, so checking in was quick and painless. 494 more words


The Turkish Airlines Lounge and My Flight to Naples

I hopped on the hotel shuttle and arrived at the airport about two hours before my flight was due to depart. In addition to the standard airport security checkpoints, they actually had an additional screening area right where you walked through the front door of the airport. 790 more words


Always expect the unexpected by Angela Caldin

You hear a lot about retirement planning these days and I’d be the first to agree that it’s a good idea to put money aside to finance a comfortable retirement so that you can do, with luck, what you’ve always wanted to do. 467 more words

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