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Turkish Airlines: Way to Go!

We love the part in the movie Mr Bean when the normally tongue-tied protagonist, prone to corny antics, thumbs his nose at Economy Class passengers as he swaggers to his capacious seat in Business Class. 725 more words


Virgin lounge/clubhouse JFK

Getting ready to fly home.. And what better than at the virgin lounge ..

After arrival to the airport and fast tracking security.. See told you queuing was out for a while.. 139 more words

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Shortie 017

The airline industry, God bless them and all those who sail with them!  They like extremes, don’t they?  The hot towels are scolding hot; the cold ones, if brought anywhere near your face, will give you a frost bite; the water is freezing icy liquid; information, when provided, is way too much (local time, temperature, how pleased they are to have you on board, etc.), but they don’t tell you why the flight was 2:45 minutes late; when they want to ignore you, boy, do they ignore you! 86 more words


And the air became gods and smelted among us

When I climbed to the 

very top and Jesus

told me to build

a tent,

I could not help, but

inhale the swell of

the clouds and joyous… 65 more words

Flight Review - Vienna to New York (JFK) - Austrian Airlines - Business class


What’s to like – Nice easy relaxed flight, lie flat bed and some great food served by their chef on board service.

Could improve… 855 more words

Day To Day

The economy of space

I was on a flight recently with a colleague as flying happens a fair bit to me these days, I just can’t help it as it’s my job. 882 more words