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Scumbag "Professor" removed from flight was being an A**hole

One of the qualities that Liberals admire the most is a sense of victimhood when they’re wrong.

In this case, the professor made a ridiculous request to have all dogs on board removed due to a severe allergic reaction. 158 more words

Police Pull Passenger Off Southwest Airlines

Here we go again!

CBS reports yesterday on a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore to LA, a woman told Southwest she has a life-threatening pet allergy, didn’t have the paperwork needed to fly, and was removed from the plane by officers. 36 more words


You don't have to be a Flight Attendant to LOVE these books!!!


 Of all the actors in the movies today, the one person who tops my list and can do no wrong is Morgan Freeman. No matter what he may do, he is brilliant. 330 more words

Breaking News: Ann Coulter Steps Into the Real World

In case you haven’t been on social media or reading lightweight news this weekend, you should be informed that Ann Coulter had a problem on a Delta flight. 564 more words

Southwest Drops 2 Cuban Routes, Citing Performance, Ban

DALLAS (AP) — Southwest Airlines Co. says it will drop flights to two Cuban destinations, citing its struggles to attract passengers and a tougher U.S. stance toward the island nation. 116 more words


Airlines can technically kick passengers off flights for taking cellphone videos

DALLAS (AP) — Without the shocking video, it’s unlikely that the world would have learned or cared about the violent manhandling of a 69-year-old man… 879 more words