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"Flying tired: airline pilots on tough rosters battle fatigue"

I’ve got a kind request to feature this article from the Australian Newspaper “The Sydney Morning Herald”.
I have to say I made a decision to stop blogging almost a year ago, but somehow I keep getting requests to publish EK employees’ stories. 1,972 more words

Emirates Airline

Would Emirates be better off with a Trade Union?

A new blog and a very interesting point of view from a former Senior Vice President of Emirates Group IT Tom Burgess.

I appreciate that introducing a Trade Union into Emirates is probably the last thing on the company’s agenda during these challenging times, but maybe it is not such a foolish idea.

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Emirates Airline

Parachutes on commercial aircraft? Maybe one day.

Parachute systems on commercial airplanes are currently considered impractical, but that may change in the future.

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Planes make people uneasy.

No matter how safe they statistically are, being trapped inside a metal tube soaring through the skies at hundreds of miles per hour is unnerving for many. 210 more words


10 Easy Tips for Healthy Plane Travel

For years, practically every single time I flew — whether for business or pleasure —  I got a cold. I hate being sick. I especially hate being under the weather when I’m traveling. 657 more words

The two most dangerous things about air travel

Despite several high-profile crashes over the last two years, flying remains the safest form of travel. Data from the Bureau of Aeroplane Accident Archives show, with the exception of a minor spike in 2014 (a result of the Malaysia Airline crashes), plane crashes have fallen year on year over the last three decades. 734 more words