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Seat 13B

Tight seat, faded blue

designed by a mean man

spine agony for days

JetSet Publishes Memorandum One - Annalise Irby

JetSet culminated our first design module by submitting Memorandum 1, a report compiling our problem, research, and design insights so far. Our memo is more than a simple statement of purpose in a few paragraphs; instead, we worked the entire week to write and polish a detailed, professional paper with many parts, including Introduction, Goals and Overview, Background, Market and Value, and Appendices. 553 more words

Melty Dolls in Floor-ee-dah


     “Will my doll melt in Floor-ee-dah?”

     It had only been a few minutes since I’d delved back into the novel I’d been reading. The little one in the seat next to mine — shiny gold curls, wide sunny eyes, pert freckled nose — had already asked several questions about the exotic locale she and her (lucky) granny were off to visit. 372 more words


Malaysian Butterfly Affect

It won’t be long before I leave on my journey. I decided to check my seat on my plane out of here and to my surprise the plane was only half full. 301 more words


Start your vacation with the right airplane seat

My fiancé and I are quite tall so we always try to book airplane seats with extra leg room but I can imagine that people have other requirements. 23 more words


Comfort Inn Sudokus

Chef salads taste even more delicious when paired with a $5.99 pinot.  I certainly hope that I don’t spill a drop of my creamy ranch dressing on the burgundy colored satin bed spread on which I am currently seated.   448 more words

Airplanes And Airports

Are Airplane Seats Safe Enough for Overweight Passengers?

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention forecasted that 42% of Americans could be obese by 2030. Our expanding waistlines constitute not only a medical crisis, but according to a recent story in the New York… 326 more words

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