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Seat 13B

Tight seat, faded blue

designed by a mean man

spine agony for days

JetSet Publishes Memorandum One - Annalise Irby

JetSet culminated our first design module by submitting Memorandum 1, a report compiling our problem, research, and design insights so far. Our memo is more than a simple statement of purpose in a few paragraphs; instead, we worked the entire week to write and polish a detailed, professional paper with many parts, including Introduction, Goals and Overview, Background, Market and Value, and Appendices. 553 more words

Melty Dolls in Floor-ee-dah


     “Will my doll melt in Floor-ee-dah?”

     It had only been a few minutes since I’d delved back into the novel I’d been reading. The little one in the seat next to mine — shiny gold curls, wide sunny eyes, pert freckled nose — had already asked several questions about the exotic locale she and her (lucky) granny were off to visit. 372 more words