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The White Whale(s)

When I first started back building models, I really didn’t have too much of a picky pallet of what I was building. Cost was my biggest concern because I wasn’t very good at this stuff. 582 more words

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Figuring It Out

Approaching this new A-10 build is as much the same as any ordinary build as it is different. The basics are all there but not even looking at the cockpit is a little out of wack for me. 171 more words

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An A-10 With A Twist

As I stated in my previous post, I decided that bringing along the helicopters wasn’t the greatest of ideas. That many builds to pack up could have resulted in disaster. 321 more words


What's A Hobby Shop?

Weird title for my blog right? Dangerously, I got to thinking tonight that it won’t be long before a generation comes along and asks that very question. 194 more words

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Mitsubishi G4M1 Type 1, Betty

Well the egg is certainly all over my face on this one. Since about the third post that included any mention of this build, I have for some reason been calling this aircraft by the name of “Peggy”. 196 more words

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Ever So Close

Just a quick update on the Betty for today. I managed to steal about fifteen minutes this morning to get the engines installed and then get the nacelles wedded to the aircraft. 48 more words

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Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI

So finally we have the Beaufighter. The one major thing that I have learned from this build is that I absolutely love this aircraft. It was as much a joy to build as it was to learn about. 79 more words

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