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Eating Vegan at Manchester Airport

If, like me, you get to the airport at least two hours before your flight is due to depart, you have time for food.

So I thought that while I sit and wait for my plane to arrive, I’d give you a glimpse of what you can easily eat at Terminal 3 as a vegan. 171 more words

Where to eat in Miami International airport

Miami International airport in the United States has an unbeatable array of choices on offer when it comes to eating and drinking both before and after the security checkpoints. 490 more words

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Time for some Ippudo Express

Ah…time to leave Singapore once again. Parting is such sweet sorrow as William Shakespeare said. Despite being here multiple times, something always brings me back here. 206 more words

Japanese Cuisine

Airport food

We flew from Rome to Athens and had some time to wait at the airport…time for lunch.

I wouldn’t mind flying somewhere every day.


Dinner Of Champions (Travelers Division)

Lately I’ve eaten a lot of dinners in airports. It’s not a good thing. Airport food has definitely improved over the years, but it’s still significantly burger/pizza/chicken-centric and often loaded with sodium, and eating a heavy, salty meal doesn’t exactly sit well when you immediately stumble onto a plane and then sit on your butt for hours. 76 more words


Raffy and Denise vs Vending Machine Food- Glads Life

During one faithful trip to Taiwan, Raffy and Denise find themselves searching for food where in an airport WHERE EVERYTHING CLOSES AT 10PM.

This forces our Gladiators to resort to an unspeakable evil that they don’t fully understand or trust: Vending Machine Food. 63 more words

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Go Group Flying!

All to often active pilots slowly turn into inactive pilots because they don’t have anyone with whom they can share their passion. It’s a ton of fun to go flying and I enjoy going up solo every once in a while, but for the most part I enjoy taking others flying, or going up with others even more. 868 more words

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