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The other amazing radiologists we see every time we fly

Having worked with radiologists a lot, I have great respect for their specialty. The job is indeed a very difficult one. Without seeing the patient (the most difficult part of what they do), they have to thoroughly comb through every image put in front of their eyes and give us their assessment of what’s abnormal and what’s not. 743 more words


Canadian airport scanners will only show stick figures to ‘respect passenger privacy’

OTTAWA — The federal government is changing the software on the full-body scanners used to provide security at airports so they no longer produce a complete outline of a traveller’s body. 203 more words


Physics and Consciousness 6

Health is an outcome of awareness. Awareness is part of consciousness. Let’s look at something together.

This is the wavelength spectrum of light-energy. The top band is the whole thing, naming the different types of light and energy radiation that comprise the full vibrational spectrum of light. 726 more words


Controversial Airport Scanners

Although one type of full-body scanner is being removed from airports, a second type will replace it. The differences? The replacement supposedly will produce quicker scans (thus leading to faster lanes), and won’t “produce revealing images.”

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Orlando Airport TSA - I Watched A Hundred Americans Surrender Today

I am sitting at a charging station in the Orlando International Airport right now typing this.

Every time I approach the security line, my hate and loathing for our King and his Political Aristocracy starts seeping through me. 253 more words


Feds Say They'll Study Safety Of Airport Full Body Scanners Yet Again

If you’re one to eye those full-body scanners warily at the airport, wondering what kind of stuff is zipping and zapping around your organs, you’re not the only one. 323 more words

"Scanner-on-chip" technology opens up new roles for bio-scanners

Researchers in Israel and Germany have successfully integrated nano-antennae into a microchip, opening up the possibility of cheaper, more portable security scanners and communications devices. 400 more words