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To-do list (6 Day Absence)

Hey guys!

It has now been six days (or will be tomorrow?) that I’ve left my blog unattended. I’m currently sitting at the Los Angeles Airport, waiting to be called for the Chicago flight (just a few more minutes before we start boarding). 210 more words



I’m late again. This week is hectic. z has been coughing badly at night. KM and I barely sleep through. Tbh, this is worst that having to wake up for night feeds. 88 more words



..and for a few moments EVERYTHING was right in the world and so she smiled, smiled at every face walking towards her and even those walking behind her could say that she was smiling. 503 more words


12 Hours in Doha, Qatar

When we arrived at Hamad International Airport in Doha, we were greeted with the radiant and hot Arab sun which nicely imitated a feel of a dry sauna.   519 more words


Made it to India!

After disembarking the plane, the first thing I saw was a group of women wearing some beautiful saris.  Going through Customs was a breeze, and my luggage dropped into the carousel just a minute after I arrived. 215 more words


Top 10 Long Haul Flight Must Haves

Embarking on a long haul flight (and I mean LOOONG – living in Oz has many benefits but being a million miles away from the rest of the world is not one of them) doesn’t have to be arduous. 503 more words


I'm Coming Home

So it’s my last morning in both Auckland and New Zealand, as tonight at about half 7 New Zealand time I start my journey home. Whilst I am so ready to come home and see everyone, I wish I was travelling for longer. 151 more words