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I Slept in a Capsule

One of the first things I tried in this trip to Malaysia was the intriguing Capsule Hotel at KLIA2. Capsule hotels have been featured several times in blogs, online articles, and magazines and it was something that always shunned my interest as I wasn’t comfortable of tight spaces. 386 more words


A very busy place

A view from where I am seated displays a busy scene. A friend of mine working at the airport once said that the terminal is an organized chaos. 207 more words


The Family Lounge

Ok, so this post is a little bit of a review of a special place I visited.

After a fantastic 2 weeks in England meeting lots of family it was time to come home. 829 more words

Day 17: Unexpected Travels

During our time in Budapest we were closely following the refugee crisis we were in the midst of. Preparing for some of what we had seen on Tuesday, we planned extra time getting to the train station as we heard things had gotten worse. 527 more words


Best Transport Service Is A Shuttle

Whenever you’re flying to Tampa for pleasure or business consequently you likely have to hire transport back and forth from the airport. An airport shuttle service is a low cost and efficient way to get back to your home or hotel room. 473 more words


What Are The Worst (and Best) Airports In The World?

From Priceonomics.com –

… not all airports are the same. Do certain airports engender significantly more positive feelings than others? 

We were curious about just which airports are most hated and beloved. 48 more words