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Wi-fi to get security updates in 2018 with new WPA3 protections, old hardware likely left behind

”In the wake of security problems with wi-fi security in 2017, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that not only will it ‘enhance’ WPA 2, but a new security protocol, WPA3, will debut at some point in 2018 that will require hardware certification before it can be used in networking gear,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider. 240 more words


The best wireless routers

”Routers have come a long way since the early days of broadband, and the market is now saturated with different models serving different need,” Jayce Wagner writes for Digital Trends. 344 more words


Everything you need to know about wireless mesh networks: There are genuine benefits behind the hype

”You would be forgiven for thinking that wireless mesh networking is just another marketing bullet point for new Wi-Fi routers, a phrase coined to drive up prices without delivering benefits,” Glenn Fleishman writes for TechHive. 244 more words


Eero's new mesh WiFi system packs more power in an Apple-esque design

”The first-generation Eero was a game-changer. With a mesh network that blanketed your home in WiFi, it finally offered home wireless that doesn’t suck,” Nicole Lee writes for Engadget. 313 more words


Printing Improvements for Fedora 27 Workstation

Fedora 26 is not out yet, but it’s already time to think about how to improve the Workstation edition of Fedora 27. One of the areas my team is focusing on is printing (the desktop side of it). 256 more words