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A New Dawn: NASA spacecraft makes history

Confirmed: I am in orbit around #Ceres http://t.co/BeOfCBefeM pic.twitter.com/b8FIZ8kZiK

— NASA's Dawn Mission (@NASA_Dawn) March 6, 2015

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft made history on March 6 as it…

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Alas, Drone Rules! Be Careful What You Wish For?

Although they wanted to wait until later this month, the inadvertent posting of an official government document forced the hand of President Obama and the… 625 more words


They are Not Drones, They are UAVs

This sort of reminds me of those national “Do Not Call” lists that never seem to work.

I think it lawful to claim airspace to a certain altitude above our homes save for easements for power and phone lines. 81 more words


UAV Airspace in North Dakota Expanded to Northern 2/3rds of State

The FAA has expanded the airspace that UAVs can fly in North Dakota to the entire northeastern part of the state according to KX News of Bismarck, ND, it was limited to areas around the Grand Forks Air Force Base and Carrington, ND.  24 more words


First encounter between Italian and Russian air force since Ukraine crisis

Two Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon fighters of the Italian Air Force based in Siauliai, Lithuania, were scrambled on Friday to shadow an unidentified Russian plane which had violated the Lithuanian airspace. 31 more words

Foreign Relations

Russian provocation or UK over-reaction?

Some breaking news from the BBC is potentially a bit disturbing – Russian military jets ‘disrupted UK aviation’

Russian military planes flying near UK airspace caused “disruption to civil aviation” on Wednesday, the UK Foreign Office said.

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A Private Pilot’s Perspective

Today Dennis Taylor gave a talk on gaining his private pilots license. He first became interested in aircraft at the age of 11 when his elder brother (21year old) applied to become a fighter pilot at the start of WW II. 165 more words