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Digital Fear

I hate how I constantly think whenever I see something like “Wi-Fi hotspot” that that means that the internet’s floating around in the air around me and so Gary Busey Facebook updates and Donald Trump’s twitter and Nickelback music videos and 4chan are all getting breathed into my body and coating my lungs and I can’t do a single thing about it, all day every day anywhere with Wi-Fi I am just having my body get pulverized by the air that is filled to the brim with weird porn videos and strange rants against feminism and things like rape apologists on reddit just polluting every inch of me, it’s disgusting and terrifying and I have no say in any of it


People Of The Sea | Interview | Josh of Airwave

Words & Images By Chris Smith

Name: Josh

Age: 24

Occupation: Surfboard Designer (Airwave)

From: Chester, Cheshire

Josh started surfing the year before university, meaning that now he has been surfing a total of seven years! 337 more words


Your Smartphone Connection May Speed Up Soon Thanks to the TV Industry

The government’s upcoming spectrum auction is intended to sell off airwave rights assigned to television broadcasters that they no longer need. Later this year, the spare frequencies will be sold to mobile phone carriers, whose current spectrum rights are nearly overwhelmed in some major metro areas, slowing consumers smartphone connections to a crawl. 233 more words


20-Year-Old Kid Wants to Outbid Verizon and AT&T for Spectrum

The upcoming government airwave license auction is expected to raise more than $30 billion as leading mobile carriers scramble to grab more spectrum and relieve their crowded networks. 469 more words


[ROCK] "The Gift" - Angels & Airwaves

Före detta Blink 182-medlemmen Tom DeLonge framför idag The Gift för oss med hans Angels & Airwaves. Bandet formades under 2005 när Blink 182 hade uppehåll men är fortfarande aktiva än idag. 46 more words


The FCC Is Auctioning Off Airwaves: Here's What That Could Mean for Your Mobile Phone Service

Let’s face it, most people don’t know that there is a big airwave auction, and even those who know there is one haven’t figured out how it works or perhaps even why they should care. 806 more words


Movie Soundtracks: The Last American Virgin

I had a group of friends over for an ‘80s high school movie night this past weekend. Not wanting to go the John Hughes movie route, I chose films not everyone in the group had seen. 477 more words

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