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Restarting VIO Server Logical Partition

Before the admin shutdown VIO server LPAR, admin must remember the following points:

  1. If client LPAR uses storage and networking virtual resources provided by VIO server then admin must deactivate the LPAR and then shutdown the client LPAR.
  2. 95 more words
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Commands To Send Mails

Sending Mails:

Command used:

# echo “Message” | mail –s “subject” –f user@domain.com

This command is used to send mails.

# echo “Message” | mail –f <sender@domain.com> –s subject <recipient@domain.com>

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RSH Shell : Advantages

These are some of the basic advantages of RSH Shell:

  1. No cd (change directory) option available
  2. No / (root directory access)
  3. No redirect output
  4. No changing path variable
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Move Files From One VG To Another VG

There are steps by which administrator can move a file system from 1 VG to another 1 VG without restoring or recreating it:

These are the steps: 81 more words

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SUMA : Software Update Management Assistant

SUMA basically stands for Software Update Management Assistant.

SUMA basically allows download of APARS, PTF’s and ML’s as per the requirement.

Various SUMA interfaces are: 130 more words

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Hello AIX Learners

Good Day!

Now we have come to the stage where I must speak about the advanced concepts of AIX without missing out on the basics of AIX in our learning. 89 more words

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Steps To Remove The Mirrored LV Copy

Alright, in the last post, we learnt how to create mirror copies of a LV.

This post talks about the steps involved in removing a mirror copy from the LV. 182 more words

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