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AIX: HACMP Cluster Quick setup Guide

Use this procedure to quickly configure an HACMP cluster, consisting of 2 nodes and disk heartbeating.

Make sure you have the following in place: 881 more words


AIX: How can I mount an ISO image file using mount

Follow the instructions below to mount an ISO image in AIX Server

Obtain the size of the image.
# du -sm server_tools.iso

Identify the nearest multiple of 128 MB that will provide enough space for the image.  110 more words


AIX: Run VIO Server commands as root

To Gain root access on VIO server:


Login as user padmin into VIO server and type the command,


$ oem_setup_env    


Now you will get the root credentials (without even been asked for a password). 127 more words


UNIX: Different types of shell

Unix Shell

A shell is  command interpreter between user and Unix kernel as well as provides a strong scripting language in UNIX

Following are the different types of Unix shells: 410 more words


AIX: How to change username max value

To change the default length of username:

# chdev -l sys0 -a max_logname=9
sys0 changed

To check the current length of username:

# lsattr -El sys0 -a max_logname…

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UNIX: What is umask

umask will be used for setting the default file creation permissions.When a file is created, its permissions are set by default, depending on the umask setting configured. 159 more words


UNIX: Terminal too wide

When you are working in an UNIX shell using Putty tool, you may get this error.


When you are trying to open vi editor, you may get error message “Terminal too wide” 20 more words