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UNIX: Script to untar a bunch of tar files

You can untar a bunch of tar files using below method

Using For Loop:

for tar_file in *.tar
tar xvf $tar_file

Using Xargs: 19 more words


AIX: mknod, 0516-822 & 0506-973 Do not specify an existing file / Cannot create logical volume for log device

Error Message:

testserver:/ # crfs -v jfs2 -d /dev/oraclelv -m /u01/app/oracle -A yes
mknod: /dev/loglv00: Do not specify an existing file.
0516-822 mklv: Unable to create logical volume. 155 more words


Statement is not printing due to space / queue problem in AIX

Aix is generating some reports by programs which is printing through the dot matrix printer
When the print is generated it is saving in a tmp file in the OS. 213 more words

How to install Oracle / Databridge and configure with AIX for Account

These are the steps for installing Oracle and data bridge and configuration with AIX

Applicable only for 32 bit operating system


  1. Add in the host file     aix      mtsmain…

239 more words

AIX 다건의 프로세스 킬 방법 (grep, awk 조합)

ps -ef | grep -v grep | grep cedaadm | grep equsm_error | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs kill -9