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AIX Login History

This shows the successful logins, time, and ip of all users to your system.
who /var/adm/wtmp

There is also a failed login file that can be accessed from: 45 more words


The last butterflies

Cycling around Aix is a breath of fresh air, on so many more levels than the litteral one. The fields alternate with groves of pines and white oaks, there are few sounds aside from birds, and one just has to glance at the side of the road to see more plants than in a whole week working in Marseilles. 632 more words

Digging up lasagna

Quarter to ten in the morning; we’ve just arrived in front of a neat wooden fence, at the foot of a slightly run-down, unsusprisingly hideous 1970’s building nested between two motorways, in one of the least attractive parts of the city. 1,090 more words

Parsing CSV files using grep and sed

I recently had to automate the parsing of a csv file to help promote objects from one environment to another.

The script was originally written using while using the while read line loop, but we ran into  a couple of issues user submitted files. 341 more words


Where's the Renard...? Part 3

So, thanks to my cousin, I may have found the culprit behind these renards!

I don’t know if they are responsable for all of them… 81 more words


Marseille & Aix-en-Provence: the fast version

So you might know that I spent November of 2015 in Marseille, France. Since I have done that I’ve done nothing but sing praises for the south of France. 1,562 more words


Aix is one of the most beautiful villes in France.  It is what you think of when you think Provence: fountains, old buildings, lavender and good food.   759 more words