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[Bleach] Kinky Things


He chuckles, mouthing the nape of Ichigo’s neck again, grinning when Ichigo arches into his arms, hands scrabbling for some kind of hold. “What?” Gin asks innocently. 364 more words


[Bleach] Safety First

The collar puts a light pressure on Ichigo’s throat. When he swallows, he can feel it. This shouldn’t arouse him, but it does, especially when Sousuke gives the leash attached to it a light tug, pulling Ichigo’s head and making him gasp. 364 more words


[Bleach] Dress Up

“Wear this today!” Gin suggests cheerfully, holding up a shirt that Ichigo distinctly remembers wearing sometime last year and throwing out a few months ago because it was far too short, even for him. 384 more words


[Bleach] Perfect Enemy

“You could always join me.”

Jyuushirou makes an elegant noise in his throat. “You know that is not going to happen,” he says, and shifts as though to climb out of the bed, but the arms wound around his waist tighten. 298 more words


[Bleach] Judas

He’s trapped between his past and his present, and he wants his future to have them both. Kisuke knows that’s damn irrational in all kinds of ways, but the heart wants what the heart wants, as a film he once watched says. 422 more words


[Bleach] Nothing Ever Changes

It’s white everywhere he looks. White and black with very little to break up the monotony. Oh, there’s a tree, a dead one. And sometimes a Hollow. 399 more words


[Bleach] Seduction

He has to be doing it on purpose, Sousuke thinks as he stands in the doorway of the practice room and watches Ichigo swing around his zanpakutou, bathed in reiatsu and a pair of hakama but nothing else. 470 more words