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[Bleach] World of Ruin

The door slid closed with a quiet thump, echoing in the silent stillness around him. Urahara expanded his senses, mostly to ensure himself that there was no one in the vicinity. 7,553 more words


[Bleach] The Beautiful Lie 47

Epilogue – Futures

At night, Ichigo doesn’t dream for himself anymore. Instead, while sleeping his mind accesses that separate part of him that is king. He dreams the dreams of any one of the thousands of Shinigami under his command. 5,923 more words


[Bleach] The Beautiful Lie 45

Chapter Thirty-Seven — Rivals

His return doesn’t go unnoticed, despite all of Ichigo’s attempts to sneak in without catching anyone’s eye. The moment he appears in a corridor, he’s instantly besieged by ghostly servants. 5,171 more words


[Bleach] The Beautiful Lie 43

Chapter Thirty-Five – Lovers

“Where’s Kisuke?”

Sousuke tenses for a brief moment before cautiously choosing his words. “Probably sleeping in,” he answers, careful to keep the loathing from his voice. 4,793 more words


[Bleach] The Beautiful Lie 42

Interlude Eight – Edge of the Earth

“It’s truly pleasure to see you again, Kurosaki-heika,” Unohana-san says as they finish their meal and sits back to relax. 2,700 more words


[Bleach] The Beautiful Lie 41

Chapter Thirty-Four — Enemies

Sake, Kisuke muses, tastes no different in the Royal Palace than it does in either the living world or Seireitei. He almost expects for it to have an otherworld, supernatural flavor. 4,665 more words


[Bleach] The Beautiful Lie 40

Chapter Thirty-Three — Beginnings

After taking up residence in the royal palace, Sousuke spends a week walking the long halls and corridors, peering into every room, wandering the multiple gardens, generally familiarizing himself with the layout. 5,649 more words