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Event Recap: "Live Together" Music Video Shoot

I had actually wanted this to be my first blog post, but I wanted to post it when the music video was released. It’s been over two months since the music video shoot and they’ve barely released the song last week, and I noticed some pictures were posted on Instagram a few days ago. 3,103 more words

Event Recap

9 Thoughts We All Had About Mud Covered Backstreet Boys

Usually Mondays are a drag, but this Monday was a great one for Backstreet Boys fans. Why? Because our Boys visited the Dead Sea in Israel. 557 more words

14 Mini BSB Fans : The Next Generation of Backstreet Boys Lovers

Most of us were young when we found our love for the 5 Boys from the Backstreet. As they have continued to grow, so have we and now we are passing our love on to a new generation. 1,390 more words

5 Ways The Unreleased Backstreet Boys Music / Movie Soundtrack Will Benefit Everyone (And What We're Willing To Do To Get It)

It’s out there. We know it’s out there and as Kevin has told us numerous times, “It’s all on youtube”. Except it’s not. Except that we want it in ONE place. 750 more words

When The Backstreet Boys Show Us What They're Made Of : Random Acts Of Kindness From The Boys To Fans

When the Backstreet Boys sing “Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of”, they may not be aware of how many times they have shown us what they’re made of. 3,117 more words

8 Emotions Only Backstreet Boys Fans Understand

Sometimes as a Backstreet Boys fan, you feel things. You feel things that no one outside of the fandom understands. Okay, maybe the younger generation of fangirls and fanboys might to a certain degree, but when you’ve been going through these emotions for 22 years, it’s different. 1,212 more words

5 Times The Backstreet Boys Proved They Make Better Women Than Us

We know that the Backstreet Boys are comprised of five really good looking men, but have you considered that there are pieces of our Boys that would also make up a really great woman? 622 more words